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Concussion & Brain Injury presentations

Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey Webinar
Visual Changes in Post-Concussion Syndrome and Mild TBI

Among the most common and debilitating symptoms that a patient with a traumatic brain injury can experience are the dizziness, imbalance and disorientation problems that accompany vestibular dysfunction. A new understanding of the role of the visual-vestibular interactions in such patients is vital to their re-introduction into the world. Click below to view a presentation on how brain injuries can affect vision.

Presentation to Eye Doctors on Concussion and Brain Injury

Dr.  Roth presented a 2 hour lecture on Concussion and Brain Injury to fellow eye doctors at the Monmouth-Ocean County Optometric Society.  He discussed neuroanatomy (brain structure) and how pervasive vision is throughout the brain.  He talked about the effects within the brain that occurs after a brain injury, the visual problems that ensue (double vision, poor focus, lack of concentration, anger, depression) and how that impacts how the individual’s function.  Is there any wonder that someone who has suffered a brain injury has vision problems that go far beyond eyeglass issues?

Click here to view part 1 of the lecture.  (60 minutes)

Click here to view part 2 of the lecture.  (35 minutes)