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Train your Brain for Sports

Do you want to be better at your game? A new sports device, along with the training to use it, may provide you with the advantage you are looking for.  Nike, maker of sports gear, has developed the SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyewear. SPARQ helps athletes improve their game-day performance by developing the five key components of superior athleticism: Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness. SPARQ Training gives you programs, insight, and information you need to work smarter, train harder and get better faster.

SPARQ helps develop your vision so that you can see the ball faster and react to it quicker. That’s the key in most every sport. This instrument is helpful for both adult and children. The different adjustable modes allow athletes to progress through levels of difficulty as they improve. The same applies to help children improve in school. 

The Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyewear was developed particularly for sports training, but is also very useful in helping people with learning problems, strabismus, amblyopia (lazy eye) and others who have school related problems. Using a strobe effect, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque, enabling the brain to become more efficient with the information it receives.  

SPARQ Eyewear is affective when it is part of a sports training program with a trainer or part of an in-office therapy/training program with a doctor.  They are not corrective eyeglasses.

The NIKE Strobe Spectacles are special goggles that emit strobe pulses, or flashes, worn while doing various training exercises, aiding in speed of recognition of targets. It works great for baseball, basketball, football, and almost every sport. SPARQ not only helps professional or adult athletes, but also helps children and high school athletes when playing little league baseball, peewee football, traveling soccer, or competitive cheerleading.  The same applies to a child taking in information from his/her textbook or from the board. The faster someone is able to do that, and absorb the information, the faster they are able to complete their schoolwork, their homework, or complete a test.

If you have ever been in a strobe lit area, you may have noticed that time seems to stand still for a few moments. A moving object looks as though it is frozen in time. When the light pulses, an object in motion is illuminated at that moment. Once that object is illuminated, the athlete recognizes the object and its action, relates to his/her place in time and space, decides on his/her course of action, and anticipates what the object will do next. As the athlete improves his/her responses, more challenges are added.  The NIKE Strobe glasses then enable you to then perceive greater peripheral awareness once you take them off.

Dr. S. Moshe Roth, Optometric Physician, practices at Family Eye Care, in Old Bridge and  sees patients of all ages.  He is a developmental optometrist and is Board Certified in Vision Development and Therapy.  He provides specialized services in the diagnosis and treatment of vision-based learning problems.  Dr. Roth Lic#  4635 OM# 27OM0005600.  Dr. Roth is a popular speaker with parents and professional groups and may be reached at 1-732-679-2020