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MYTH #2: Vision Can’t Be Improved

Many people, even pediatricians, and some eye surgeons think that vision cannot be improved. That is incorrect. Although we may think that eyeglasses can solve all vision problems, in fact, they can’t. Vision Therapy corrects vision problems that eyeglass and contact lenses can’t treat.

Vision Therapy helps people correct convergence insufficiency, a problem that occurs when the eyes do not accurately aim at an object near, such as reading or computer distance.  Convergence insufficiency causes reading and concentration problems, headaches, motion sickness, and double vision. Patients with convergence insufficiency often have trouble tracking objects and using their side (peripheral) vision.  It can interfere with their participation in sports and athletic performance.

Studies have shown that people who have had office-based vision therapy combined with home reinforcement have significant improvement within 12 weeks of therapy.

Vision Therapy corrects the vision problems that affect learning.  School and learning is then easier and more fun for your child.

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