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MYTH #5: Vision Therapy Is Only For Children

Many adults with vision problems have learned to live with their vision difficulties and have been told that nothing can be done.  Their doctors may not have identified the problems and may not know there are answers to them. A developmental optometrist has the skills and technology to help adults as well as children, through Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy can help adults who have one eye that turns in or out (strabismus).  It can help adults with lazy eye (amblyopia).

Vision Therapy can relieve the symptoms of computer vision syndrome, a problem that's becoming increasingly more common.  We spend hours focusing on a computer screen, texting, or watching videos on a tablet. Focusing on digital screens makes some people feel tired and irritable.  They have blurry vision, eye strain, dry eye, fatigue, headaches, or neck aches. If someone has an underlying vision issue, such as an eye teaming or focusing problem, then working on a computer can become even more difficult. Vision Therapy offers a way to solve these problems.

Vision Therapy corrects vision problems that affect work, learning, and sports performance.  It can make your work more comfortable and efficient. It can make your life better.

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