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MYTH #6:   Surgery Is The Only Answer If Someone Has A Crossed Eye

Unfortunately, people think that eye surgery will correct an eye that turns in or out.  In fact, those who have had eye surgery in order to “correct” a crossed eye, often need additional surgeries because the eye turn often returns.

A better option would be to see a doctor who offers Vision Therapy to treat an eye that turns in or out.  Many people are not aware that Vision Therapy is an option.

The intent of surgery is that the eyes appear to others as though they are pointing straight.  Eye muscle surgery usually does not solve the problem because it is the brain that controls the eye muscles, and surgery on the eye muscles does not change the brain.  Vision Therapy addresses the underlying problem and enables the individual to learn how to use their eyes together. It often eliminates the need for surgery. Vision Therapy can even help those that have had poor outcomes after surgery.  

In those cases that surgery is needed after Vision Therapy, the brain is then prepared and it sets the stage for surgery to be successful, and for the eyes to remain aligned after the surgery.  VISION THERAPY IS THE ONLY TREATMENT APPROACH THAT ADDRESSES BOTH ALIGNMENT AND RETRAINING & EDUCATING THE BRAIN.  To eliminate an eye turn permanently, we must not only align the eyes, but we must re-educate the brain to use the two eyes as a team.

If you have one or more of the problems mentioned above, then call us to schedule an appointment.

Vision Therapy corrects vision problems that affect work, learning, and sports performance.  It can make your WORK or schoolwork more comfortable and efficient.

It can make your life better.

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