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What are the risks of myopia and how does the medical world respond?

serious adult man 1280×853We tend to think that myopia is not such a big deal, but in reality, when somebody becomes more nearsighted, there are greater risks for glaucoma, cataracts, and especially for retinal detachment, which is a sight-threatening problem. We tend to minimize those, thinking, “Oh, I’ll just push those off because that’s not really important”. It is upsetting that some optometrists will treat glaucoma, which is a disease of the future because glaucoma is typically a slow-progressing disease, but if somebody has amblyopia or strabismus, the diagnosis is along the lines of, “Oh, you’ll just learn to live with it”.

Actually, amblyopia, strabismus, convergence insufficiency or any particular vision dysfunction – these are problems of the now, not of the future. Similar to a faucet that is broken and it’s dripping- this is a symptom to an underlying problem. Waiting a few years to deal with it will not end well. 

Learn more about myopia in the medical world here:


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