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What Will Our Practice Look Like Post-COVID?

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COVID-19’s rapid sweep across the country has forced us to make some rapid clinical management decisions. Government order required that we temporarily close our office to all but emergency eye care, and we were able to use TeleHealth to help our patients. 


We look forward in anticipation to returning to see our patients e care.  There are changed we have made that include strict disinfection and social distancing guidelines to limit the spread of infection. 

Some of the Changes You Can Expect to See

1) We have placed signs in our office that spell out the new steps and protocols to ensure maximum safety for staff and patients alike.

2) Social distancing will be the new norm. 

3) We hope that you take advantage of submitting your registration and medical information online.  

4) We have changed our schedule to accommodate fewer people to ensure safety and minimize the spread of COVID19.

5) Seating in our reception area has been reduced to adhere to social distancing. 

6) We hope that most patients will come unaccompanied, unless that is necessary. 

7) Children should be accompanied by one parent only.  

8) Please text message us before entering.  

9) We will take your temperature and will give you a pair of gloves to wear.  

10) Our staff will call you to obtain any further medical information before entering.  

11) Our staff will help you in selecting eyeglass frames.  All frames that patients have  selected or tried on, will be disinfected. 

12) We will be cleaning all surfaces with disinfectant after each patient is in. both at our front office and in our examination rooms. 

13) We have implemented cashless payments and eliminated the need to pass a credit card.

14) if you are not feeling well, or have been in contact with someone who is sick, we will reschedule your appointment for some time in the near future.

15) Our staff will have their temperature taken before seeing patients. 

16) All patients will wear face masks. 

17) in addition to that, we will be wearing safety goggles and face masks, particularly during any up-close contact with the patient. 

18) Patients who have suspected eye infections will be seated in a special area.

19) We will be frequently disinfecting all patient area, including chairs, counters and doorknobs. Every exam room will be completely disinfected between appointments. In the dispensary, frames will be promptly disinfected after patients touch them. 

20) You will see disinfection hand sanitizer throughout our office to promote hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infections. 

We are here to help you will all vision or eye health issues  Here, at Family Eye Care of Old Bridge, Dr. Roth and all of our staff would like you to know that we have taken all measures to ensure your health an take care of our eye health and vision problems.  

We, at Family Eye Care in Old Bridge NJ look forward to welcoming you back to our practice.  We serve patients from Old Bridge, Aberdeen, Matawan, South River, Sayreville, South Amboy, Marlboro, Manalapan, Monroe, East Brunswick, and from our entire great state of New Jersey. 

You can reach us at 1-732-679-202 or through our website: