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We, at Family Eye Care, are here to help you for Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Your visit to our office, like nearly everything else, will be different the COVID-19 era.

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The Governor has now given his OK to resume comprehensive eye examinations, but it is important to know that we are always here for any eye emergency.  Yearly eye examinations were delayed in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus that causes COVID-19. If you feel your vision is worsening or you develop any other eye symptoms, you can certainly call us for medical advice and care.

Eye Telemedicine 

Our standard  of care for eye and vision TeleHealth is the same as in-person care.  There are certainly limitations of TeleHealth and you have the option of in-person care.  It may not appropriate for an initial diagnosis or establishing the doctor-patient relationship.  As both patients and doctors adapt to COVID-19, TeleHealth has become the cornerstone of non-urgent healthcare. Whenever possible, we “see” patients virtually to assess and manage visual problems and eye conditions.

Comprehensive Examinations

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Routine Yearly Comprehensive Examinations have now resumed as the current at-home orders have been relaxed.  We have modified our schedules so expect stream-lined service and less wait time.  You can now go to our website, to complete your history, insurance information, enter the medications you are taking, etc.  In the interest of limiting exposure, and to adhere to social distancing, we ask that

  1. You wear your mask
  2. You come alone, or at most, bring 1 family member and only if you have to.
  3. Children should be accompanied by only 1 parent and siblings will be scheduled for their own appointment.

Our staff will also be wearing a mask or a face shield. We usually like to hear about what is happening in your life and what is important, but you can expect less chatting  than usual.  To protect you, we ask that our patients limit conversation during exams to decrease potential coronavirus exposure.

Chronic Eye Conditions

Some chronic eye conditions can be monitored remotely through Telehealth.  Call our office to see if we can schedule that for your problem.  For some,  effective monitoring may require the use of specialized equipment, such as instruments to monitor eye pressure.  Certainly call our office 1-732-679-2020 if you have any symptoms of pain or vision change.  At times we may need you to come in to the office.

Urgent Eye Symptoms

  • Are your eyes crusty or itchy eye?
  • Are your lids swollen or red?
  • Is there any eye pain, loss of vision or new sensitivity to light?

Many of these sudden and uncomfortable symptoms can be evaluated and managed via telehealth. We may you to send pictures or use a videoconferencing app to meet you virtually.  Some urgent eye conditions can usually be managed virtually include bumps or growths along the eyelids, dry eyes, inflamed or swollen eyelids, and eye infections.  If your symptoms get worse or do not get better after the Telehealth visit, please call us 1-732-679-2020.

Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies require in-person treatment, even during a pandemic. If you experience sudden vision loss, eye pain, double vision, then call us immediately. Anyone who experiences a blow or trauma to the eye should also seek immediate medical care. Do not let fear of the coronavirus keep you from calling us.  Some people are concerned about going to a hospital emergency room for fear of contracting COVID-19.

We certainly would not want you to ultimately have vision loss or permanent eye damage.  We are here to help you manage your immediate eye condition as well as full vision care.  Call us at 1-732-679-2020 and ask about virtual appointment options, including phone, email and video.