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Your Eyes Can’t Focus? It Could Be Dry Eye!

photo of woman using laptopYou have been working on a report for weeks and your deadline is tomorrow morning. It’s the end of a long day at the office, and you need to check the numbers one more time. When you do, the figures on the spreadsheet appear blurry, and you just can’t get your eyes to focus.

But why? You recently had your eyes examined and the optometrist assured you that your current contact lens prescription is fine. What could be wrong with your eyes?

Why Can’t Your Eyes Focus?

Many patients come to our office, Family Eye Care in Old Bridge, with complaints about eye focus problems. After examining their eyes, we identify that they have a dry eye syndrome.  

When working long hours on the computer or spending a significant amount of time staring at a mobile phone screen, we tend to blink less.  When that happens, then the protective tear film that covers the eye evaporates faster.  In order for us to see clearly, the tear film needs to spread smoothly and evenly over the eye surface. If we don't have enough fluid or exchange of fluid, that becomes difficult.

What is Dry Eye?

Many of us spend many hours on digital devices.  This then increasing prevalence of dry eye.  As mentioned earlier, dry eye occurs when tears don’t provide sufficient lubrication to the eye or are of poor quality.

Mild dry eye affects nearly 50% of the adult population in the USA, with more than 16 million adults suffering from severe dry eye.

Dry eye can be caused by infrequent blinking, hot and dry air, certain medical conditions, medications, eyelid problems, or damaged tear glands. Age is another factor, as tear production decreases with age. Long-term use of contact lenses is another possible cause. Furthermore, simply being exposed to today’s polluted air can make your eyes feel very dry.

Additional symptoms of dry eye include redness of the eyes, itchy eyes, a burning sensation in the eyes, eye fatigue, and increased sensitivity to light.

What Do Tears Have to Do With Eye Focus?

Poor tear quality can also cause blurry vision. Tears are a mixture of water, fatty oils, and mucus. If the balance is off between these three essential layers, the tears will no longer produce the necessary smooth cover over the front of the eye. Even though your eyes focus perfectly well, the uneven film of tears will distort your vision, and the numbers on your spreadsheet will appear blurry.

When your eyes can't focus, it could be dry eye from EyeCarePro on Vimeo.

How to Treat Dry Eye

Artificial tears can provide temporary relief for mild dry eye. Use only preservative-free drops. Consult Dr. Roth at Family Eye Care for more  information on the ideal treatment for your dry eyes.

Diagnostic tests help us determine the cause of dry eye and evaluate your tear quality. Soft Contact lens wearers are particularly bothered because the soft lens material dries out on its own, so when it sits on the eye, it causes the problem to become worse.

Schedule an eye exam in our office, Family Eye Care in Old Bridge with Dr. Roth or Dr. Tiomno today and talk to us about your focusing issues and dry eye concerns.

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