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Therapeutic Benefits of Blinking Exercises in Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease (DED) has become much more common and impacts patient quality of life.

When we spend time on digital devices; computer, cell phone, tablet, etc., we tend to blink less often  and less completely.  The blink is like the windshield wiper in your car and the tears are like windshield wiper fluid.

The blinking action stimulates our tear glands to produce tears that obviously keep the eye moist.  When we blink less, that affects how the tears are distributed and how stable the tear film is.  When that is reduced, it leads to Dry Eye Disease (DED).  This study evaluated if we can change or improve that by doing special blinking exercises.

the study evaluated people who had dry eye symptoms.  They were then given instructions to do a 10 second cycle of blinking exercises every 20 min during waking hours for 4 weeks.   Their symptoms were then assessed using a 5 question Dry Eye Questionnaire and Ocular Surface Disease Index.  Blinking patterns were measured at the start, using special sophisticated parameters and instruments.  Those same factors were measured again 28 days later.

The results indicated that blinking exercises were able to modify poor blinking patterns, and improve patient's dry eye symptoms.  This helped protect against the impact of digital device use on tear film quality and DED.

If you feel that your eyes are dry when spending a lot of time on computer, please call us so we can determine what the problem is and different way we can help you solve your problem.


Keywords: Behaviour modification; Blinking exercise; Computer vision syndrome; Dry eye disease; Incomplete blinking; Lifestyle.