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Will Wearing Glasses Weaken My Eyes

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Some people think that wearing glasses makes your eyes weaker. The truth is that glasses compensate for vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. They "compensate" so you can see better for a while, but they don't "correct" the underlying problem.

New glasses WILL help you see more clearly, but you may need a stronger prescription in 1-2 years. So it is common for people to ask: Did the glasses make my eyes weaker?  No, they did not.  The reason that your prescription becomes worse is because your visual system (eyes + brain) continue to do what they have been doing, (meaning, over-focusing or over-converging), despite the fact that you can now see more clearly.  Eyeglasses are a short term fix, but you wil likely need a higher prescription the following year.

At times, eyeglasses are the correct first treatment, for example if a child has Esotropia (crossed eyes) which is one type of Strabismus.  In that specific case, glasses help straighten the eyes, according to the Mayo Clinic Health System. Not wearing them may lead to an eye turn or lazy eye becoming permanent.

If a child has Amblyopia (lazy eye) eyeglasses may also be a first treatment.  At times, bifocal lenses benefit children who have physical focusing issues (accommodative problems).

Eyeglasses are prescribed to help someone see clearer or to better function while working on computer or driving.  They can help and even eliminate headaches, eye strain, and frustration.  

We, the doctors at Family eye Care in Old Bridge, NJ can best advise what lenses or other treatments may benefit you or your child, for short term and for long term. 

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