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Experiencing Headaches? Visual Problems May Be the Cause

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A vision problem may be at the root of your Headaches

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, certain eye conditions may be causing your pain:  

  • Strabismus: (also called visual misalignment or crossed eyes) when the eyes aren’t lining up with each other and produce images in double vision
  • Binocular Vision Dysfunction: when the eyes’ line of sight don’t match, and the eye muscles strain to produce a focused image
  • Convergence Insufficiency: when the 2 eyes don't easily point at what you are trying to see on the computer.
  • Presbyopia: commonly referred to as "40-itis"  or "40-eye-tis" is difficulty in reading small text, and that starts at about age 40.  The lens in the eye has become inflexible so as it is difficult to focus on things at near.   
  • Astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness: when a cornea does not focus the light so that it lands on the macula and things appear blurred or out of focus.  

 A note of caution.

If your headaches are severe, there may be a host of reasons for that, some being sight threatening, and some even being life threatening.  Either way, a visit to the eye doctor may be able to solve your problem and sometimes may even be able to save your life. 

These can include:

  Acute angle-closure glaucoma: This occurs when fluid pressure builds inside the eye, leading to severe headaches, eye pain, blurry vision, and seeing halos around lit objects.

  Giant cell arteritis: This occurs when the blood vessels’ inner linings swell, restricting blood flow. Symptoms include decreased vision and throbbing pain in the temples.

Stroke: this can be a leak of blood in the brain, or a clot that prevents blood from getting into parts of the brain.

Get to the Root of Your Headaches 

A comprehensive eye exam by a neuro-optometrist is the best way to determine if you have a vision problem that is at the root of your headaches. This eye examination checks for so much more than visual acuity; it often evaluates eye tracking and eye teaming, focusing, depth perception, oculomotor control, visual processing, peripheral awareness, and visual-vestibular integration.

If the exam determines that a vision problem is at the root of your headaches, we, at Family Eye Care in Old Bridge can provide a comprehensive treatment plan to rebuild your visual skills through a program on neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy. This can help you improve the eyes-brain connection.  At times, special eyeglasses may be prescribed to solve your problem.  A program of Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation helps re-integrate visual skills with the vestibular sense.  This then helps someone improve balance, coordination, and cognitive abilities.  It will reduce eye strain and alleviate (or even eliminate) vision-related headaches.

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, visit Dr. Moshe Roth and Dr. Steffani Tiomno for a thorough assessment of your symptoms, and to determine whether the underlying reason is a vision problems. If there is a vision problem, that's a good thing because then we can help you solve that problem and then alleviate your pain. Our vision is to help you improve your your vision.

Family Eye Care serves patients from Old Bridge, East Brunswick, Woodbridge, Edison, and throughout New Jersey. 



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