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Are Contact Lenses Safe For Young Children?

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A question we are often asked is: ‘Is my child too young for contact lenses?’

This is an important question, and the answer may surprise you. 

For children with myopia (nearsightedness), contact lenses can be one of the ways we can address 2 problems at the same time.  One, vision correction, and two, prevention of the worsening of myopia.

In our office, at times, we can even address Amblyopia (lazy eye) with special therapeutic contact lenses.

Contact Lenses have the benefit of a child not breaking or losing their glasses.  It enables children to easily participate in sports and other physical activities. 

Some children and young teens ask their parents for contact lenses because they feel self-conscious wearing glasses. Contact lenses may even provide children with the confidence boost they need to come out of their shell. Daily Disposable contact lenses are single-use one-day soft contacts, since there is no cleaning or maintenance involved. 

Ortho-keratology are special lenses worn as a night retainer, to prevent further progression of myopia.

Some parents are concerned about eye health and safety. Fortunately, contact lenses are just as safe for children as they are for anyone else, and there are special lenses, MiSight that are FDA approved SPECIFICALLY FOR CHILDREN to prevent them from progressing as rapidly in myopia.  This means that the manufacturer had to prove to the FDA that they are

  1. safe for children, AND 
  2. control the progression of myopia.

In our practice, Family Eye Care, we provide special care for children, teens, and patients of all ages with a wide variety of contact lenses. If you're concerned about the safety of contacts for your child, we'll be happy to explain and explore ways to ensure maximum safety, optimal eye health and comfort. To learn more or to schedule a pediatric eye exam for contact lenses, contact us today. 

What Are the Risks of Having My Child Wear Contact Lenses?

A study published in the January 2021 issue of The Journal of Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics found that kids aren’t at a higher risk of experiencing contact lens complications. 

The study followed nearly 1000 children aged 8-16 over the course of 1.5-3 years to determine how contact lenses affected their eye health. 

The results indicate that age doesn’t have an effect on contact lens safety. In fact, the researchers found that the risk of developing infections or other adverse reactions was less than 1% per year of wear — which is comparable to contact lens wearers of other ages.

But before you decide that contact lenses are right for your child, you may want to consider whether your child is ready to wear them. During his or her eye doctor's appointment, the optometrist may ask about your child’s level of maturity, responsibility, and personal hygiene. Since many children are highly motivated to wear contacts, they tend to display real maturity in caring for their lenses. That said, in the initial stages, parents may need to play an active role, as their child gets used to inserting and removing the new contact lenses.  

It’s important to note that just as with any other medical device, contact lenses are not risk-free. Anyone who wears contact lenses has a chance of developing eye infections or other complications with contact lenses. However, when worn and cared for according to your eye doctor’s instructions, contact lenses are low-risk and perfectly safe for children and teenagers.

So, go ahead and bring your child in for a contact lens consultation! We’ll help determine if your child is ready for contacts and answer any questions you or your child may have. To schedule your child's contact lens fitting or eye exam, contact Family Eye Care in Old Bridge today.