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Adult Testimonial of Using Multifocal Orthokeratology for Presbyopia

We're here with EA who's had her multifocal Ortho K lenses for a number of weeks. Now, a multifocal simply means that we've changed her cornea, the front part of the eye, so that she's able to see a body at a distance and up close. We're going to be making a slight modification in her left. Oh, she's a pink, phenomenal sight. And her corneas are beautiful in a right eye. And we're going to be doing this equally in her left. What I'd like you to do please is put into your own words how has this changed your life?

Before I had the orthok. I've worn glasses since I was in fourth grade. I couldn't see distance at all. So I went, I started wearing contacts in high school, so I would go get you to my glasses and my contacts. I turned 40 last year and when I turned 40, I couldn't see a plus anymore. So I would have to either wear reading glasses with my contacts, which then it became depended on or out of the were make lists and see them off to be able to read. So having the ortho K where I seek them out in the morning and I could read and see far with nothing has been life-changing because I was going around the house with my glasses, my reading glasses, and my contacts and lose everything and give myself headaches with their reading glasses. So it was not working. So definitely changed my life.

So this kind of has given you a lot of freedom, so you can, you can drive and you can work on your computer or read or do anything that you want to be able to do at both of those distances.


How have you worked this in? How easy was it for you to learn how to insert and remove and clean and disinfect?

It was very easy. They showed me at the office, like took them in and out a couple of times I went home that night and I have my setup at home with my towel on my dining room table with my mirror. And it's, it's very, very, very easy to recommend this for other people. Yes. I have actually told people about it because they can't believe that they've never heard about it. Just like myself, where I came in. I never heard about it. I would absolutely recommend

This. Great. Thank you so much for sharing. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I would just add, cause I have two children and I have genetic, I guess, eye problems in my family. For those with younger children to look into it because for myself, I had gotten Sylvia at risk for a retinal detachment, first of all. So you can get your children to wear them at a younger age. It'll help stop that.

You're absolutely right. And we have children as young as six that are in orthok. We've got patients that are in their seventies and everywhere in between. And yes, when we find a child that's early on and starting to become more and more near-sighted ortho K is one of the best ways as a first step in starting to reshape the front part of the eye and to prevent that myopia or that nearsightedness from continuing. We call that myopia management, you can manage it. And, and most of our patients do phenomenally well and they don't progress. They don't get worse and yes, we can prevent things like retinal detachment and glaucoma and cataracts and myopic maculopathy. And those are changes that become more prevalent as somebody gets older. So if we can stem this as if it's kind of like changing the washer instead of having to change the entire philosophy. Right. Great. Thanks so much for sharing.