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How can a neuro optometrist help someone who has suffered a brain injury

How could a Neuro Optometrist help somebody who suffered a brain injury?

Whether it's acquired like a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, like a car accident or a concussion, it could be discouraging to hear from other health professionals that there's nothing to be done for lingering TBI symptoms.

Many professional professionals say, well, just sit in a darkened room.

The good news is that neuro optometrists can help people who've suffered a traumatic brain injury that few other healthcare providers can. Neuro optometry deals with the visual system and how it impacts daily function. Neuro means brain. So here we're working on the brain. The eyes are the most direct way to get information from the outside into the brain. The brain then sends signals to the eyes where they should be pointing or how they should be moving. When we work on the brain through the visual system, so to communicate more effectively symptoms like dizziness and headache and nausea are significantly reduced.

We get our patients regain abilities by retraining the eye-brain communication.

Neuro optometric rehabilitation is like putting the tools back into the toolbox. After all the tools have been spilled out from the toolbox. Once that's done, the individual can return to doing the things that they want to be able to do, and it could be life changing.

Children can then return to being able to play with their friends on the soccer field, or the basketball court.

Adults can then return to being the person that they once were and can be more productive at work. They could then return to being able to exercise and socialize. Returning to these activities can boost self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

We understand the challenges that accompany a traumatic brain injury and how it can affect self-esteem call us schedule and neuro optometric evaluation so we can help you solve the visual problems that you have after you've suffered a brain injury. You can reach us at (732) 679-2020 or through our website..