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How can we manage and control myopia (nearsightedness)

I'd like to explain how we can help to treat myopia. I'm Dr. Moshe Roth, I practice in old bridge, New Jersey.

Number one, if your child exhibits the symptoms of myopia like squinting, getting close to the TV, tilting, or turning their head, headaches after doing a lot of near work, all of those are symptoms of myopia then schedule an eye exam as soon as possible.

Undetected myopia can cause many complications, whether they're academic or social or emotional.

Early diagnosis of myopia and other eye problems can improve your child's performance at school or in sports.

And they can prevent serious sight threatening eye diseases that may occur later on in life.

If your child is diagnosed with myopia, we can help slow down the progression with myopia management and sometimes even reverse the process. We work closely with each family and customized treatment programs for each child based on their unique needs.

If you're concerned about your child's myopia, schedule an assessment for myopia management to see if they can benefit from these life-changing treatments.

Answers to myopia include orthokeratology, which is reshaping the front part of the eye while sleeping. It's kind of like braces for the eyes.

Vision therapy helps retrain the focusing mechanism and the eye convergence mechanism.

There are special therapeutic eyeglasses and special myopia controlling soft contact lenses. Like MiSight and natural view.

Syntonic phototherapy is yet another natural way of therapy using light to stem the progression of myopia. Atrophy is a drug that we've used for a long time, but in certain concentrations it's been shown to be effective in reducing the progression of myopia in our office.

We offer all of those. Some offices may offer some of those options. They may offer eyeglasses or soft contact lenses because that's what they're familiar with doing. Some offices offer atrophying because they're used to, um, managing diseases with eye drops and different drugs.

But to learn about myopia management, where to schedule an eye exam, call us, you can reach us at (732) 679-2020.