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Sleep issues Insomnia Mood changes Who knew it was her vision

We're here with a G., and she's now completed for four weeks of syntonic phototherapy. Why don't you tell us what proceeded, what went on? What, what happened to you beforehand? And what do you notice? What changes have you noticed now? Having done the syntonic photo therapy.

Yeah, I think that a couple of years ago, I've been dealing with, well start a couple of years ago, I've been dealing with sleep issues, major sleep issues, insomnia, and it's very all over the place with my sleep. My mood has been kind of irregular where it just will get mad or, you know, be too happy or whatever, but ever since starting the photo syntonic light, I've noticed an improved mood. I've noticed actually that I'm going to sleep and that I'm staying asleep for a sustained amount of hours.

And so now I'm a morning person. I wake up early. I dunno, I just feel like I have a better handle on my day. I have feel like I have a better handle on my mood, and it's showing itself in a positive way in like different areas and aspects of my life, which I'm actually extremely happy about.

As someone who has been battling different issues and you just kind of get thrown medication at different times, and at a certain point, you just want to be done with medication. So it's actually kind of wild and kind of crazy that all staring at a light will do something so different than drugs really, so many years have not.

Right. Because you mentioned before that you were on a certain medication for several years. And so that hadn't changed. That was kind of like stable. And the only thing that had changed is the syntonic photo therapy.

That's the honest truth. Like, a couple of months ago a friend had recommended this to me and I had never thought ever. And I, to this day, I keep telling you that a brain injury or something that had happened, like concussion that has affected my eyesight and that has affected my mood. It's like, to me, that's still insane, but just going through the light every day, you see a difference. And like, I just want to keep doing it this way. You can get back to that point where you're kind of like at an even keel. It's pretty remarkable.

Yeah. So, so now essentially from what I'm just, from what you're describing, you feel more balanced. Yes. And, and you're able to accomplish more during your day.

Yeah. , and I own a business, so I'm all over the place and you have a lot of things getting thrown at you. And at a certain point you feel like there's just so much happening, but again, since starting the cause I've had a business for years and then I started this light therapy. And now I just feel like it's something, you know, usually I'd be like a little angry about something. Now I'm kind of like, okay, well we'll figure it out. We'll fix it. And then it gets fixed. It's like not extra stuff on top of it. And now I feel more in control of my day and almost like I can get things done.

That's awesome. That's awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you.