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Menier’s Disease Patient Testimonial from Neuro-Otologist

We're here with AG and she's gonna relate her story. She's now completing her program and vision therapy. She was originally referred by a neurologist as a specialist, as a specialist in not only hearing, but rather the balance system, uh, particularly after somebodies suffered, some sort of brain injury. But doesn't necessarily have to be a brain injury, could be like you've described many years disease. So why don't you share with us, what precipitated, what brought you to our office,  how you feel now, what benefits, how you work this into your life?

I think I've always had some sort of an issue with my eyes working together, even as a child. When I first got glasses, I would always close one. I'd read to actually have everything in focus. And then quite recently I was having some bad vertigo spells, and I was diagnosed with the nearest case and the doctor, Meniere's disease,  checked my vision because I was having many headaches and also on the eval to read basically a full email for work or even work on many Excel sheets or, um, I was tired, irritable at the end of the day. And really couldn't, couldn't do very much, I couldn't drive.

I wasn't able to even go to those simple some things and blows the grocery store without getting dizzy or having a headache. And so the doctor thought that it might be something with my eyes and referred me to Dr.

Roth and the team here. And I've been here, before my therapy since, I think it's been, I don't know, 72 sessions and I have, I feel like I'm living a different life now. I'm able to do the things that I couldn't do with ease. Work is a lot easier. Reading emails, transposing numbers, even reading books to my children. Isn't a task anymore. It's fun.

I can go to the grocery store without getting dizzy. I can, I can drive again. And it's, it's, you know, things that I've forgotten almost were happening now because it's been, it's been such a difference in change in my vision.

That's great. So we're, we're so we're so proud of you and we're so happy that we were able to help. Sounds like, like there's been a huge impact in your life.

Yes. And I'm so grateful. So everyone you know, I'm sure my, I was just leaving you out, how different even my kids and my husband have seen the impact because I can do more and it's happier. So it's been wonderful. It's really wonderful.

What is your husband or your kids say? What did he say?

Well, they were quite interested in some of the exercises I would doing, especially my ten-year-old said C would help me, but they were, you know, they're just, they're just happy to have me back basically.

That's wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing that. Thank you.