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Why Vision Screenings at School Aren’t Enough to Evaluate a Child’s Vision

I'm Dr. Moshe Rother practice at family eyecare in old bridge, New Jersey.

I'm a developmental optometrist and neuro optometrists. We're experienced in our office in diagnosing and treating people of all ages with all types of ocular problems and visual problems. There's no vision in the eye. Vision happens in the brain. Often children's looked past a school vision screen per pass. The eye test at a pediatrician's office may still have a significant problem with visual processing and other visual skills.

It's common for parents to make the mistake that a child vision screening or at school more at the pediatrician's office is an eye examination. That type of screening usually measures out each ICS individually offered a distance.

It doesn't test how the two eyes work together as a team when reading at near the school vision screening tests for visual acuity, we call that eyesight. And it doesn't test for the other visual skills that are so important for a child to be able to succeed.

The visual system is highly integrated with other systems within the brain. And therefore an interdisciplinary approach with other professionals is often the most effective approach, OT and team occupational therapy and vision therapy overlap, but doesn't always have to be undertaken at the same time. Some children may benefit from both of these there.

If your child is struggling with learning or behavioral problems, their vision could be an underlying clause or contributing factor. Just schedule your child's functional vision evaluation. Call us at (732) 679-1820. Again, I'm Dr. Roth. I practice at family eyecare in Old Bridge, New Jersey.