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51 Year Old with Severe Congenital Nystagmus Treated with Light Therapy

We're here today with SV. Who's just completed a course of syntonic phototherapy. I'm going to, what you describe, what kind of issues you had, and have, and, and what's happened and I'm sure will share with us, what was before what's after what, what changes. Okay. So, I have congenital nystagmus, , I'm 51 years old.

Can you explain what congenital nystagmus means? So my eyes move in voluntarily,  in a circular pattern, some peoples would let's write or up and down, mine go pretty much all around, which has, has the unfortunate effect of lessening my vision. Always had glasses all my life. When I came to Dr. Roth,  I was hoping to partake in the, time phototherapy because I did some research online and I heard that it could help people with my condition. I said, well, you know, I'm already 51 years old.

What really couldn't do for me, but I would hate to not try and, and see what happens. So I just completed the four weeks and really, as I was going through it, I really didn't notice any changes. And in fact, I had said, I think the second week to Dr. Rother, I don't think I'm going to be on any of your video, testimonials, about the phototherapy. Cause I didn't think anything was happening in today. We just tested my vision and I was able to read 20, 25 with my glasses. So I'm extremely, extremely happy about what was it before?  I think it was 20, 60 that's right. Yeah. So yeah, you you've made remarkable improvements in your acuity. The ability to see off in the distance,  the oscillation, which means the amount of movement of side to side movement and the degree of that is considerably less,  less than it had been just a couple of weeks ago.

Describe to us, what the syntonic phototherapy was. How did you incorporate that into your life? Basically, we did a test to see what colored light, I didn't sync, well, it didn't feel bad looking at for any long period of time. So it turned out that there was just this blue color called the omega. So I was given colored glasses and a light bulb and I went home and every morning, I would look at this light for initially five minutes then up to 10 minutes and then 10 minutes every day.

Following that. And then after the second week we switched to a green color. And then after that, we switched to a darker blue it's replaced the first blue. And also I used a string with a tongue depressor on one end and would move the string back and forth with the tongue depressor to my left right up and down and tried to maintain,  a V pattern with the string.

And I did this for the 10 minutes for each column. And how many days out of the week did you do it? I would do it every day. Good. And that's great because the more often you do it, the better the results are going to be good. So I'm, I'm, I'm super happy that we've gotten the, the results. And I, I told you that, I'm kind of jumping out of my skin also because I didn't expect this. I didn't expect you to gain this, this amount. So it's, it's always phenomenal when we get more than what we expect. So we're super happy that we're able to help. We've talked about the next levels as well. We talked about,  scleral lenses. We talked about vision therapy to help you the gain even more. And certainly the, the option is yours. we're here to help you. Thanks so much for sharing. Thank you.