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Is Vision Therapy Successful with an Occupation Therapist or Does It Require a Specialist?

Should a child see it in occupational therapist or a doctor that provides vision therapy?

When a child struggles in school nearest naturally want to help at times, it's definitely know what kind of help a child needs. And then where's the best to provide that service.

Occupational therapists, OTs are as their title implies expert in providing care that enables somebody to do their occupation. A child's occupation, so to speak is to do well in school. OTs are there for an employed by schools. Many OTs are in private practice and offer pediatric care and provide OT care outside the school system.

There also OTs that provide hand care and geriatric care.

OTs provide a vital and very valuable service.

School systems and their OTs are often stretched thin and can offer only a limited therapy program. It also draws the child out of the classroom and they may make, take them away from learning.

When a vision problem interferes with learning, the best place to turn is somebody who understands the visual system.

Optometrists are doctors trained in the eye and the admissions system developmental optometry is the sub specialty that understands how vision impacts learning and how vision develops.

These doctors provide vision therapy. How are OT and V and VT similar? How are they different? Perhaps we can offer some guidance for parents and educators. Most people are aware that there is an overlap between OT and PT or physical therapy.

There's also an overlap with speech and language pathologists, some OTs and PTs say they provide vision therapy. Developmental optometrists will offer vision therapy. There are parts within a vision therapy program that are similar to OT and PT, but in vision therapy, as the name implies the main focus, no pun intended is vision.