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How can someone determine if they need vision therapy either/in addition to their OT

Hi, I'm Dr. Moshe Roth. I'm a developmental optometrist. I practice in old bridge, New Jersey. This is the third in a series of what's the difference between occupational therapy and vision therapy. Where do they differ? Where are they similar, which therapies right for your child.

If the child's visual system is the underlying cause of a behavioral or a learning problem, then a personalized vision therapy program is usually the best answer to help the child gain the visual skills they need to succeed. So what is the best time to go to consider vision therapy for your child? The answer is simple and straightforward. If your child is struggling in school, it's important to first be evaluated by a doctor who specializes in vision problems that affect learning. If a child has trouble with visually demanding tasks like homework or reading, or spelling or complaints of headaches, then a doctor that's skilled in this area is able to evaluate and determine efficient therapies indicated.

It also applies to children will avoid sports. There may be an issue in judging space and how fast the ball is coming toward that developmental optometrists also work on sports vision.

The point is that a doctor of optometry and specifically a developmental optometrist is a doctor that provides the expertise needed to address the visual system and how somebody is able to read and learn. This is not the lesson, the benefits that occupational therapy provides. Okay. They're excellent in what they do.

As I said before, there's certainly an overlap between OT and PT. Likewise, there's an overlap between OT and vision therapy. Within our vision therapy program, there's a bit of what an OT does, but vision therapy is not OT. OTs and PTs often refer patients to our office.

OT sometimes reformed visual exercises with children, but only an eye doctor experience in vision therapy can provide therapeutic lenses and prisms and filters that enable the child to develop visual skills that are needed for school success. Not all optometrists are trained in vision therapy, vision therapy. I'm a fellow of the college of optometry and vision development, and that means that I've obtained certification in this subspecialty. My associate Dr. Tiomno has completed a residency program in our office.

Again, we're happy to provide the evaluation and the treatment for vision-based learning problems. You can reach us at 732-679-2020. We're located in Old Bridge, New Jersey.