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IH, 3 years old, with strabismus. Improvements in just 4 weeks, using Syntonic Phototherapy

Here this morning with IH who's now three years old. She had an eye turn in or right. I would turn in before we prescribed the special eyeglasses. We've also used a special foil on the left side so that her brain will start to use the information from both eyes. She's , she began seeing us about when she was two years old. , let's pan over to mom. Mom, why don't you put into your own words? What do you notice or what did you notice? What kind of problems did she have before? What do you notice now? What did we do?

Well, in the beginning, before we started seeing you are right, I would turn drastically. Once we started seeing you put her in his glasses and her right eye, I started to become more straight and working with her left eye said the shading has also helped her to look through me as we've seen a huge improvement with her. Very eyes are very happy.

What kind of therapies did we do?

We did some light therapy recently the shading therapy of the one eye and not have it on both of the eyes so that they could continue working together and being straight together. How did

You incorporate the syntonic photo therapy into your life?

With the, with the light therapy that we did, that was done, we did that actually every day it was recommended five to seven, but we use it every day. So we also saw that that helped. Right?

So now, the majority of her time, she's able to use the two eyes together as a team at the point where she's able to do to benefit from vision therapy. We're going to be able to render that to her. It might be when she's four years old or five years old, it might be a three and a half. , at that point we're going to be able to make it so that she's concrete or make sure that we're both Pfizer working together as a team. Anything else that you'd like to add?

Just that it's just such a dramatic difference than like before she came here with the eyeglasses and just even without her eyeglasses, she saves a lot straighter now than she originally.

Wonderful. I'm so glad that we've been able to help. Thank you so much.