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COVID induced Vision Problems – Part 1

In this video, I'm going to discuss visual problems that continue even after somebody has recovered from COVID-19. I'm Dr. Moshe Roth. I'm a neuro optometrist. I practice at Family Eye Care in Old Bridge, New Jersey. In our office, we see many individuals who suffered brain injury. Some are referred to our office by other doctors, neurologist, psychiatrist, sometimes by other optometrists. Some people are referred to our office by occupational therapists or physical therapists. Some of the patients that I've seen in the recent past are people who have recovered from COVID-19, but they describe visual and visually induced problems that have continued even after the disease seems to be over. Their symptoms are similar to individuals who've suffered a brain injury. Brain injuries are divided into two parts, acquired brain injuries, such as a stroke or a brain tumor and traumatic brain injuries such as a car crash or a fall. A concussion is called a mild traumatic brain injury.

New Jersey has the highest incidents of COVID 19 per population. Individuals who had COVID-19 can have symptoms that are similar to those who had an acquired or traumatic brain injury. They may suffer vision problems such as by an ocular vision dysfunction, including convergence insufficiency.

Patients may tell their doctors about their symptoms, but may be frustrated and getting relief. Most of the information available online to doctors relates to eye problems such as conjunctivitis or retinitis, but the problems that these individuals have are vision problems or visual problems rather than eye problems. Vision happens in the brain rather than the eye. These visual issues are very different from eyeglass problems.

Most people had COVID-19 recover completely within a few weeks. Once people have recovered and they no longer are contagious, they expect to feel back to normal. But some, even those who've had a mild version of this ceased and continue to experience symptoms after their recovery, much as patients who had a traumatic brain injury or concussion can have symptoms that continue in the next video, I'm ready to discuss the visual problems that some people have after having COVID and how we can help to solve them.