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DT has Dry Eye and had Blephex procedure today

We're here with DT, who has a dry eye and that's relatively common. More so in women. Particularly now, as we spend more time on the computer, the lid we just did is a bluff ex exfoliation. And essentially what that means is we've cleaned the lid margin, the edges of the lid, that part of our body never gets clean. Why? Because, well, we wash our face, for example, we close our eyes and that's natural. We want to do that to protect our eyes. So the lid margin is where all the cells that produce the lubrication to lubricate the eye, that's where they live, that's where, you know, where they are. And those glands get plugged up over time. The tear, the viscosity, the thickness of the tears cause those glands to get plugged up, kind of like a cork on a wine bottle. So essentially what we just did is a blood effects procedure. And it's somewhat similar to, having a professional cleaning of your teeth. The whole procedure took about, six, eight minutes. We cleaned the lower lid and the upper lid and both the right and the left eye. Can you put it into your own words? What did you notice? What, what kind of feelings did you have before? What are you noticing now after we'd just done that blood effects procedure?

I felt more of a heaviness and a tightness in my eyes where I wanted to constantly prompt them and feel like I wanted to pop the juice out of it. And like, it was stuck to like the tears. Sometimes they would drop a little bit, but now I just feel, it just feels very open and very clean, like a massage, like all over my eyes. It's amazing. I was skeptical, but it was amazing even to show me what came out of it. It's just, yeah. So we saw that there was a lot of debris, , that we were able to remove. Some of this is mascara then kind of like builds up over the years. Some of it is just natural to your product. That just gets cleaned off. How was the procedure itself? How was it for you?

It was, it was relaxing. Believe it or not. It felt like a massage. It felt like a massage on my eyes. Instead of me having to rub them myself, it felt like it was just, you know, she was doing it for

Me. Right. So, yeah, it's kind of like after you've had a professional cleaning of your teeth, you kind of feel all the nooks and crannies and your teeth that you hadn't felt in a while.

Exactly. Feel polished and bright. Thanks, Dr. Rob, thank you so much for sharing. Yep.