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KL, Adult, Martial Arts Teacher describes improvements in Ortho-k

We're here with Kay. Allen's 26. Who's a martial artist. He's been an ortho K now for what about six months, maybe a little bit longer. Why don't you share with us how this has impacted your life?

It's quite night and day.

I had to rely on glasses, but there are drawbacks to that. Given my livelihood. I'm a martial arts. I can't get hit in the face with glasses on that would be quite a nasty hazard. So I looked into many things to correct my vision.

Found out that there is a permanent handicap to what would happen if I were to go for LASIK or anything else alternative to this. And it was not looking good. I couldn't get hit in the face. And I can't guarantee that with what I do.

But then with Ortho-k as mentioned, and I had a look into it with Dr. Roth and it was a much better alternatives. Sure. Maybe I have to put the lenses in, but then you get used to the use of them and then you take them off for the rest of the day and you see perfectly with your naked eye. And that, that is a lot of fun. I drive better. I read all the important signs quicker and more, most importantly at my job, you know? Yes. I know how to do my basics and all of my other skills in it. But people who come to me for my help, they expect me to be a life coach and understand the kid that I'm teaching and nothing is better than being able to see across the room and see what my students are thinking or how they're feeling when they're going through something hard, something difficult or something tricky.

I can tell if they're confused, if they're frustrated or if they're happy with themselves all the way across the doom, I no longer have to squinted them funny and on the, to of money facing them, just to figure them out. I'm right there with them. And that is priceless.

That's fantastic. That's wonderful. So it's impacted not only your ability to drive, it'd be able to do your work and do, do your job to help others obviously to help yourself. That's wonderful. Anything else that you'd like to add?

I'm just surprised that. It was something that was very out of left field. When I first heard about it. I certainly hope that there are people that it's easier for people to find out about this who are seeking an alternative to LASIK or any other corrective surgeries I haven't been operated on.

I didn't have to go through a very, um, sensitive recovery period. It just started. And the first day everything was in very clear eye popping 3d for me.

That's awesome. That's awesome. Thank you so much for sharing.