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Protect Your Eyes With These Contact Lens Safety Tips

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Protect Your Eyes With These Contact Lens Safety Tips

Contact lenses have an excellent safety record – as long as the wearer carefully follows their eye doctor's instructions. This is Contact Lens Safety Month, so it is a good time to go over some safety tips to keep your eyes and vision healthy while wearing contact lenses!

If you have further questions, or want to schedule an eye examination and a contact lens evaluation, callus Family Eye Care in Old Bridge today.

How to Take Care of Contact Lenses

One of the best reasons to wear contact lenses is the ability to be able to see without having to wear eyeglasses.  They give better peripheral vision than eyeglasses, and the  freedom of seeing clearly when running, exercising, or playing sports.  Contact lenses do have risks however, and to reduce those risks, it is important to do the following:  

  • Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them with a paper towel or lint-free towel before handling your lenses

  • Daily Disposable lenses have the benefit of not having to clean and disinfect lenses.  These lenses are for single-use and a great option because you just throw them away after each use. No need to clean and store the lenses and that then reduced the risk of infection.

  • For other lenses, it is important to make sure that you clean and disinfect them, based on the instructions we give.  People who wear reusable soft contact lenses are 4 times more likely to develop complications, such as infections. 

  • It is never a good idea to sleep in soft lenses.

  • Orthokeratology lenses are different, and are special lenses you sleep in and remove in the morning so you see clearly all day WITHOUT any lenses in.  It has the benefits of LASIK without the risks.  It’s also FDA approved for children and adults.  LASIK is approved only for adults.  

  • When in doubt, take them out.  Never wear lenses that are damaged or torn

  • Avoid contact with water (such as swimming or showering) while wearing contact lenses

  • See your eye doctor at Family Eye Care regularly for eye checkups

If your eyes become red, painful, or i you have blurred vision, contact us, Family Eye Care to schedule an appointment.

Are All Contact Lenses Safe? 

All the contact lenses we prescribe are safe and FDA approved.  That assumes that the person wearing them cares for them properly.  Don't sleep in your lenses. The risk of developing an eye infection is very low when patients follow safety instructions.

Whether you wear disposables, reusables or no lenses at all, if you develop eye symptoms such as redness, pain, or blurred vision, contact your Old Bridge eye doctor at Family Eye Care to schedule an appointment.

The Dangers of Decorative (Costume) Lenses

The decorative lenses that some people wear on Halloween and at parties can be dangerous to your eye health.  Here are some things to consider before wearing those types of contacts:

  1. It’s illegal to buy and sell contact lenses without a prescription according to the FDA, even if they are just to change your eye color or do not have vision correction.  

  2. Decorative contact lenses can cause serious bacterial and fungal infections. 

  3. Non-prescription contact lenses can cause corneal ulcers, which are open sores on the eye.

  4. All of the above can result in permanent vision loss. 

There is considerable risk in wearing non-prescribed contact lenses.  Wear only lenses that have been prescribed and fitted by your optometrist and to follow your eye doctor's safety guidelines. 

Take care of your eye health this month and all year long. Your eyes will thank you!

We invite you to visit Family Eye Care in Old Bridge for all your eye care concerns.