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How do Scleral Lenses Solve Your Dry Eye Syndrome?

Benefits of Scleral Lenses 640Millions of people suffer from dry eye syndrome, especially those that are 50 or over. They complain that their eyes feel as though there is something in the eye, gritty or sandy.  They complain that their eyes feel dry, itchy, red, and irritated.

Most people revert to over-the-counter eyedrops and artificial tears, and that offers a temporary solution. For some people, that’s enough, but some find that they need to insert the tear supplements 4-5 a day and that gets only some relief.  What are some of the other alternatives?  Prescription topical medications such as Restasis and Xiidra and offer relief.  Punctal plugs, and amniotic tissue give some relief.  Blephex and Intense Light therapy may offer relief.  At times we prescribe oral medication.

Scleral Lenses offer relief for many people that suffer from dry eye. Scleral lenses are used to treat those who have high corneal astigmatism and corneal irregularities.  They treat people who have Keratoconus and Pellucid MArginal degeneration, and those who have had less than the best outcome from LASIK.  LASIK can be successful for some but can be devastating for others.  Scleral lenses create a dome over the cornea, and therefore give great vision and also a great relief to people who have dry eye because it creates a space where the tears can bathe the cornea and keep it moist all day.

Scleral lenses don’t touch the cornea like soft or gas-permeable lenses do, and since they don't come in contact with the cornea, they are very comfortable.

Soft contact lenses cause a change in the shape of the eye and a change in the tear chemistry.  They pull moisture out of the eye and that’s why it makes a dry eye even worse, especially for people who are on computer screens on their home for long periods.

Scleral lenses sit on the sclera (the white of the eye) and don’t come in contact with the cornea.  Instead, they vault over the cornea and that’s why they are less irritating.

The space that is created between the back of the Scleral Lens and the front of the eye is filled with a saline solution and this keeps the cornea hydrated (wet and moist).  They also shield the eye and keep the front of the eye protected from any irritants, such as dust.  Your eyes look healthier and less red.

You can continue to use tear supplements, but most people find they either don’t have to or need to put these drops in much less.

These lenses make your life better because they reduce the symptoms that often come with dry eye.

To summarize, Scleral Lenses provide:

  • vision correction,
  • crisp, clear vision during wear.
  • protection for the eye,
  • moisture and keep the eyes lubricated.
  • decrease pain and/or discomfort, eye redness,

Scleral Lenses offer a more effective treatment method than just eye drops and artificial tears.

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