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Our Staff

Our optometrist, Dr. Moshe Roth, and our staff are the reason that our patients have confidence in our service and return year after year.

Our staff is exceptional. We are frequently complemented for the thoroughness and care that we provide. Each of our staff members contributes to the level of expertise of our office. They will help you gather the necessary information for your examination and will assist you in selecting eyeglass frames that enhance your features and your vision. They will find convenient times for you and your family to schedule your appointments. We would like to introduce each one and how they contribute to your care.


Adriana – Director of Patient Services

I am the Director of Patient Services and have enjoyed working here for the past 14 years. I will likely be the person you will speak with when you call our office. I can usually answer your questions and often anticipate them even before you ask. I will help you understand any vision insurance coverage and benefits you may have.

I will be the happy face greeting you when you arrive, helping you through the preliminary exam, and doing the specialized testing such as the visual fields, retinal photographs and the Heidelberg Retinal Scans.

I will also assist you in selecting stylish eyewear that compliment your appearance, and meet all your vision needs.

I look forward to meeting you!


Phyllis – Chief Financial Officer

I am the official number-cruncher here at Family Eye Care and I make sure the business side of the office runs smoothly. I have the distinction of being the longest running staff member, having been here since 1992.

We are a very caring family and always put our patients needs first!


Donna – Head Vision Therapist

I have held the position of head vision therapist for 16 years. I find it fulfilling and gratifying to help children and adults to make positive changes in their lives whether it is with reading, homework, sports, or being better coordinated. I love seeing the successes that individuals experience through Vision Therapy as they gain new abilities, accelerate learning and enhance the full expression of their potential.

It is remarkable to see the transformation in children who have struggled in school and those that have been diagnosed with various learning disabilities: ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia. We have been fortunate to be able to help individuals with Autism, PDD, and Aspergers.

It is equally inspiring to see the changes in our adult patients that have had these same struggles throughout their lives, or as a result of a stroke or motor vehicle accident. Watching as they gain or regain abilities is inspirational. Seeing their success and being a part of facilitating those changes motivates me further in encouraging patients to reach even greater heights.

I have completed many courses in Vision Therapy and work directly with the doctor to better understand how to help our patients. I have a passion for helping others and working with kids of all ages. I am dedicated to improving the lives of our patients through Vision Therapy.


Amber – Optometric Assistant

I am Amber and I like to think that I am Dr. Roth’s right hand man. I will assist you through your exam, making sure I am collecting the data and performing all tests so that the doctor has all the correct information he needs to help you. I have a fantastic fashion sense, so if you need a new pair of eyeglasses, I will be happy to help find a frame that will make you look your best. I like to make sure that each patient has a good experience in the office, and hope to see each patient back! I look forward to meeting you in our office soon!