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Tinted and Colored Contact Lenses

eye colour spectrum pupil close upLenses to change your eye color

Do you want to change your eye color? Do you want it to be wild and dramatic or do you want just a subtle change? We can meet what you need. There are many different types of color lenses. We offer lenses that give:

  • a more subtle color change
  • a much more dramatic change.
  • light eyes a different color
  • dark eyes a light color.
  • special effects; Wild Eyes lenses.
  • disfigured eyes a more natural appearance.

There are many lenses that are already manufactured with certain effects and in certain colors. The advantage of these is that since they are already manufactured, they are more easily obtained.

For people who want a unique color, or if an eye is mis-colored because of a congenital problem( problem at birth) or a problem that occurred due to an injury, we can customize the shape of the contact lens to match the other / existing eye. That is called a prosthetic contact lens,

Lenses to change your eye color are medical devices and require a full eye examination and contact lens evaluation. Sometimes people find “alternative” sources to get plano lenses. Getting lenses from a source other than an eye doctor, puts you at risk. Some people have lost permanent vision when doing that because they are not getting the right instructions for care or the care needed after dispensing the lenses.