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Soft Contact Lenses

woman removing contact4We offer ALL types of Contact Lenses, from basic standard contact lenses to more complex and specialty lenses.

There are contact lenses for people that:

  • are Nearsighted (Myopia)
  • are Farsighted (Hyperopia)
  • need Bifocals or Progressive eyeglasses, and want to be able to see both distance and near (Presbyopia),
  • have Astimatism.

We have solutions to provide:

  • Vision Rehabilitation after LASIK and
  • Vision correction without surgery.

Soft Contact Lenses are very popular because they are comfortable almost immediately.
There are many choices we have with soft lenses, including:

  • Daily Disposables - A new fresh health pair... Every Day!
  • Other Disposables - 1 & 2 Week Disposables, 1 & 3 Month Disposables
  • Soft Bifocal Lenses

Prosthetic Lenses - To improve appearance after injury or congenital problems