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What are Specialty Lenses?

Q & A: What are Specialty Lenses?

Who can benefit from these Special Lenses?

What problems can special contact lens solve?

Special Lenses to solve Special Problems

In our office we first listen closely to what you need. We can then deliver personal solutions to address your personal problems or situation. Each cornea has a unique “fingerprint” and we have the ability to design and solve special problems of how someone sees or how they appear to others.

Who might need a special lens or specialty lenses?

Individuals who

  • need sharper vision,
  • have dry eye,
  • have scarring of the cornea,
  • need for multifocal contact lenses.

There are special customized lenses specifically designed to solve problems such as:

  • Keratoconus
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Injuries, Diseases, Congenital problems that cause distortion of the cornea

Custom contact lens can be made to match the “good” eye so that they both look the same.

  • Poor vision and problems after refractive surgery such as LASIK, PRK, or RK
  • Ectasia (corneal bulging),
  • Photophobia (extreme sensitivity to light)
  • Aniridia
  • Color Blind / Color Vision Deficiency and you want to be able to see color.
  • Strabismus: an eye that turns in or out relative to the other
  • Dry Eye,
  • Contact Lens intolerance; for people that had worn soft or gas permeable lenses but became intolerant to them.