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What Are Prosthetic Contact Lenses?

Prosthetic Contact Lenses In Old Bridge

Prosthetic contact lenses at Family Eye Care are special lenses that cover the cornea if the cornea has become cloudy or opaque. The special lens is made to match the other eye and therefore improves the appearance of a disfigured eye. The reason the eye may not look the same as the other eye may be due to a birth defect, a disease process, or a trauma to the eye. If the individual was born without an iris (aniridia), the colored part of the eye, they are often very sensitive to light (photophobia). Special lenses are made to help make them more comfortable by blocking the light and reducing glare. Individuals who have albinism often suffer from sensitivity to light. Special lenses can be used to make them more comfortable.

Special lenses can be made to reduce or eliminate double vision. Different lenses can be made to improve vision and to treat amblyopia (lazy eye).

We begin with a comprehensive eye exam and then continue to a contact lens evaluation.  A special instrument called a topographer will measure the curvature of the cornea, the front part of the eye.

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Prostethic Contact Lenses Before & After (Click the picture to watch the video!)

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Prosthetic contact lenses might seem like a brand new concept, but actors have worn decorative prosthetic contact lenses for years. Not only can lenses be designed for special effects or theatrical performances, but prosthetic lenses can achieve a natural look and feel of any pair of eyes. Patients who suffered from permanent eye damage often remain with a visually unappealing or disturbing cornea. This has led many to hide their disfigured eye with mirrored sunglasses or eye patches. Fortunately, patients are slowly learning about prosthetic contact lenses as a revolutionary aesthetic solution for their injured eye.

Prosthetic contact lenses are worn by patients who suffered from:

  • Eye injury or trauma
  • Birth Defects, such as born with a bluish or cloudy cornea
  • Strange pigmentation around the cornea and/or the white part of the eye
  • Born without an iris or a partial iris
  • Herpes in the eye

Dr. Moshe Roth crafts custom prosthetic contact lenses to restore eyes to their natural beauty. Not only do these prosthetic lenses cover up defects, but certain designs can help protect the eye.

For example, a patient came to our practice without an iris (no pupil), which meant their eyes were vulnerable to light. Typically, a pupil filters out a portion of the light so that we can get a clear picture without damaging any nerves or vessels in the eye. By creating a prosthetic contact lens with an iris, this reduced the amount of light that could enter the eye. Not only did the patient find confidence in their new appearance, but their eye was less at risk for UV ray damage or ocular damage.

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