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Eye Examinations for Adults

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woman getting her eyes examined in Old Bridge

How often should an Adult have an Eye Examination?

The American Optometric Association recommends a yearly eye exam for adults for several important reasons:

  1. to detect and to diagnose vision changes or problems
  2. to maintain eye health and general body health issues as early as possible.

An example of an eye health issue is Glaucoma, a disease caused by damage to the nerve that sends information from the eye to the brain.  It is sometimes caused by increased pressure in the eye.  It commonly goes unnoticed by adults because you can't feel glaucoma. This is why glaucoma is called the "sneak thief of sight".  Regular vision examinations are also important for the prevention of vision problems created or aggravated by today's academic and professional demands.

Our eyes are often the first indicator that we have an issue that affects our entire body, particularly in diseases such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.  Other diseases as well are detected first by careful observation, including some brain tumors, skin tumors, Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

Our lifestyles have changed, both at work and at home.  We require more of our vision than even before.  One example is Computer vision Syndrome (CVS) which is one of the fastest growing health concerns in the workplace today.

Children and adults in our technological society constantly use their near vision at school, work, and at home. Environmental stresses on the visual system (including excessive computer use or close work) can sometimes induce headaches and/or visual difficulties which can be effectively treated with corrective lenses and/or Vision Therapy.

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