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What does our Comprehensive Eye Examination Include?

eye exam East BrunswickThe examination begins with a thorough history and listening to what specific problems you are having so that we can best address them.  In addition, we will be testing that may discover problems you might not be aware of.

  • History:  this includes what problems you are having, medications, prior treatment, family history, etc.
  • Autolensometry: automated electronic instruments to find out what the power is in your eyeglasses.
  • AutoRefractor and AutoKeratometer:  a special computer that helps identify the starting point in finding your precise eyeglass prescription and the shape of your cornea.
  • Color Vision testing
  • Depth Perception testing
  • Distance and Near Acuity:  how well you can identify individual letters
  • Accommodation:  how your focusing mechanism works.
  • Visual Field Testing:  a highly sophisticated instrument to test how you see peripherally (to your sides).
  • Optomap:  a photograph of the back of your eye.

In the examination room we do:

  • Further extensive history.
  • Digital Refraction to arrive at your precise prescription, and to measure how your two eyes function together as a team, both at distance and at near.
  • External Examination of the outer parts of your eye.
  • Internal Examination via Ophthalmoscopy:  Examination of the retina and internal parts of the eye
  • Slit Lamp Evaluation; a special microscope that enables us to see and measure the cornea, iris, and all of the structures of the eye under high magnification.
  • External Ocular Photography is used when needed to photograph and document parts of the eye with our slit lamp mounted camera.
  • Tonometry; commonly known as the glaucoma test.   We treat many patients for glaucoma and use precise measures for eye pressure.
  • Other special tests and instruments are used when needed in order to obtain all the necessary information.  This includes the VEP (Visually Evoked Potential), B Scan, Gonioscopy, Pachymetry, Readalyzer, etc.

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