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  • Most people want to have one pair of glasses to do everything.  We hear this ALL of the time.  We have different clothes for summer and for winter.  We have different pots and pans for different purposes.  We use different utensils when we eat; fork, spoon, knife, table spoon.  We have many tools in the toolbox; hammer, screwdriver, pliers, saw, wrench, etc.  WHY then, do we expect one pair of glasses to do EVERYTHING?
  • Get a quick overview of the types of eyeglass frames and lenses available to you.

  • Which frame material is right for you? Learn about the different types of metal and plastic, and the advantages of each.

  • It's no longer a simple choice between glass and plastic. Today's lenses offer many options to help you see and look your best.

  • One pair of glasses won't suit your every need. Learn about how function-specific eyewear can help with driving and computer use, improve your game and protect your eyes at work and play.