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Heru Visual Field Headset

Visual Field Headset 1280×480

6 Vision Diagnostic Exams, 5 CPT Codes, and 1 Wearable Solution

honoree 1The Heru platform offers 6 diagnostic exams and 5 CPT codes in 1 wearable device, saving your practice time and space, while increasing revenue. Backed by 10 years of research and clinical validation at the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Heru is the future of vision care.

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What is Heru?

Are you still conducting visual field exams in a dark room using bulky legacy equipment?

With Heru, you have access to 6 vision diagnostic exams and 5 reimbursable CPT codes in 1 wearable platform, enabling you to:

  1. Screen every patient in 20 second with Heru’s Fast Pattern Suprathreshold Visual Field.
  2. Perform exams anytime, anywhere in your practice with real-time results.
  3. Free up valuable time while the Heru “personality” guides your patient through the exam experience.
  4. Offer a more enjoyable, comfortable patient experience.

With strong correlation to the HFA, excellent repeatability, and fast exams, Heru brings you the future of eye care.

The future of vision diagnostics has arrived

re:Vive 2.0 features 6 diagnostic exams, with 5 existing CPT codes, in 1 wearable platform. Newly added testing modalities expand your practice’s capabilities using a single piece of equipment and increase the opportunity to boost revenue with a free cloud-based upgrade.


Color vision testing is a well-accepted tool in the detection of inherited or acquired eye diseases.

  • Featuring the Ishihara color vision test and the Farnsworth D-15 extended color vision test.
  • Provides a fast, efficient solution for detecting and classifying color vision deficiencies.


Go beyond visual acuity with re:Vive 2.0’s Contrast Sensitivity exam.

  • Enables better management of disorders like AMD, glaucoma and cataracts.
  • While paper charts fade over time, Heru’s exam is digital ensuring proper contrast.
  • The test is performed without a clinician or technician, saving you time.


Suprathreshold and full threshold testing with a wearable, space-saving device.

  • Patented re:Imagine™ threshold algorithm adapts and predicts an optimized full-threshold testing workflow.
  • Clinical results comparable to the Humphrey perimeter.


Evaluate retinal function by measuring a patient’s dark adaptation with re:Vive 2.0’s Dark Adaptation exam.

  • Developed in partnership with the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, the exam measures the Adaptation Index value.
  • Proprietary technology enables Dark Adaptation measurements using a dimmer flash brightness compared to other devices, increasing patient comfort and compliance.

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