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Eye Emergencies

Please consider watching this video that describes the many types of eye emergencies we treat in our office.

Especially now, during this stressful COVID-19 period, we want all of OUR patients, and anyone who has any eye pain, to know that we are here to help you, whether you have medical insurance or not.

Many people are concerned about going to the hospital Emergency room because of fears of contracting COVID or if the ER doctor knows how to deal with eye emergencies.We have had a long history of working together with local Urgent Care offices. They send their patients with eye emergencies to OUR office because they know that their patients get quick attention and we are able to help.

What is considered an Eye Emergency?

  1. ANY sort of pain
  2. If you feel something is IN your eye, especially if you remember getting something in your eye, or you work in a job where there are particles, such as construction or doing auto work.
  3. If you were poked in the eye, you many have a corneal abrasion. That means that the front part of your eye has been cut and that can be very painful.
  4. If your eyes are red
  5. If there is crust or discharge, whether when you wake up in the morning or during the day.
  6. If your vision is suddenly blurry.
  7. Sudden loss of vision, especially if you have a pre-existing condition like diabetes.
  8. Flashes of light like a sparkler going off or
  9. Floaters: little things that suddenly seem to be floating in your field.
  10. If you are suddenly very sensitive to light
  11. If you have had an allergic reaction.
  12. if there is swelling around the eye or face.
  13. If you wear contact lenses, you may have a corneal ULCER.

Any of these is an emergency, and we are happy to see you. During this COVID period, please wear a mask.

If you are able to, please go to our website:

Give us

  1. A brief history of what happened,
  2. How long this has been going on,
  3. Your medical insurance information if you have medical insurance.

Please call our office. 732 679 2020 to reach our doctor on call.

We are here to help you.

Family Eye Care in Old Bridge, NJ 1-732-679-2020