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Patients Testimonials

Our patients and parents talk about the profound improvements achieved through effective Vision Therapy. Click on the images to hear their stories! We now have a blog which may include even more testimonials!


KB talks about how vision therapy helped her after a car accident


More Information

Old Woman Vision, Eye Doctor in Bridge, NJ

Vision: Our Dominant Sense

A happy family in nature, Eye Doctor in Bridge, NJ

Visual Acuity and Visual Field

man in motor bike exhibition, Eye Care in Bridge, NJ

Visual Motor Abilities

Girl performing eye activity, Eye Care in Bridge, NJ

Visual Processing

A man standing, Eye Doctor in Bridge, NJ

Visual Perception

Women in smiling faces, Optometrist in Bridge, NJ

Success Stories – Brain Injury

Child in glasses wondering, Optometrist in Bridge, NJ

Q & A: About Brain Injury and Vision