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Ortho-K for Adults

Initially, Orthokeratology attracted the interest of adults who wanted to enter certain careers such as pilots, police officers and the military.

Many adults simply want to be able to see more clearly, both for distance and for near. Some people want to be able to see unencumbered by eyeglasses or daytime contact lenses.

Soft lenses can feel dry after several hours of wear, particularly for individuals that spend considerable time on computer.

Ortho-K is particularly appealing for people who work in dusty, dirty environments that can make contact lens wear difficult.

Others want to be able to play sports such as skiing, tennis or baseball without having to wear eyeglasses.

Many people don't want to take the risks associated with LASIK or are not good candidates for LASIK because their corneas are thin or they have large pupils.

Advantages Of Ortho-k

Ortho-K has the advantage that it can be discontinued at any time without permanent change to the eye. If modifications are needed to enable clearer reading, that is possible too. People of any age can benefit from the procedure, as long as their eyes are healthy.

Some Advantages to Orthokeratology over Contact Lenses or Glasses

  • Wearing Sunglasses is easy, and your eyes aren't extra sensitive from lenses.
  • Athletes see clearly whether on the field, on the court, or even in the pool.
  • Driving for Long Distances can be difficult with eyeglasses or contact lenses, especially when faced with dry eyes. OrthoK makes it safer.
  • Healthy & Comfortable Eyes - Your eyes will get the right amount of oxygen during the day without any interference from eyewear like contact lenses.

Perhaps, the most advantageous part to OrthoK is that it's safe for adults and children to use. For more information on Orthokeratology, contact Dr. Roth today for full details.