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Orthokeratology for Athletes and in Sports

Athletes Rely on Their Eyesight.

football playerProfessional athletes strive to achieve perfection in their game. Consider the chances that athletes have to consider, such as their abilities, talent, and risks of injury, they may give up or lose confidence if they face poor vision. Some sports like football or hockey are nearly impossible to play with eyeglasses, and even other sports like basketball or baseball will remain difficult to handle. Most sports demand good peripheral vision, quick reaction timing, and an eye for detail. Blurry vision is not the only obstacle for athletes, but the wrong eyewear will interfere in scoring the win or catching the long pass.

When athletes are considering their career, even when they are young athletes, they often turn to advanced vision correction solutions. Although standard contacts can work for some, often athletes will take the risk of LASIK surgery for that extra edge. Unfortunately, LASIK surgery poses some risk that could end one’s career, which makes the decision difficult.

At Family Eye Care, Dr. Moshe Roth has fitted numerous professional athletes with ortho-k lenses or orthokeratology to allow them the safe alternative for vision correction that matches all of the benefits of LASIK without the risks.

Our most common athletes wearing Ortho-K lenses:

  • Baseball Players
  • Basketball Players
  • Football Players
  • Swimmers
  • Tennis Players

Orthokeratology gently reshapes the cornea overnight as you sleep, so that the day can be enjoyed free of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Not only do these effects last the entire day, but reshaping lenses are used even in children to control their nearsightedness.

Are you an athlete in Old Bridge, NJ looking for the best form of vision correction that’s safe and effective?

Orthokeratology gives athletes the competitive edge of being able to play sports such as tennis. baseball or basketball without having to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Imagine the ability to see clearly while swimming, scuba diving, or skiing. You can spend more of your energy concentrating on improving your game as opposed to having the added stress of not being able to see clearly or your eyes feeling dry and irritated, a feeling that some people are bothered with after several hours of contact lens wear.

If you combine Orthokeratology along with Vision Therapy, you are very likely to improve your game considerably.

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