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Orthokeratology for Teens | Old Bridge, NJ

happy teens laughingTeenagers have a lot of work ahead of them when entering high school all the way until planning for college, and many parents want their son or daughter to do well with complete confidence.

Aside from adjusting to a new social environment, higher expectations in the school curriculum, and after-school activities like sports, gymnastics, music, or theater, many teenagers struggle with their poor vision. Even young teens before entering high school have expressed how thick glasses with a strong prescription negatively affect their lives. Whether they stick out from wearing large glasses or they avoid participating in sports that they love due to wearing eyewear, eyeglasses can cause a teenager lots of anguish — even when they don’t speak up about it.

Vision Alternatives for your Teenager

Although contact lenses are often a nice change for teenagers, this may not solve your child’s challenges. For example, if a teenager finds that contact lenses are uncomfortable, especially if they like swimming, or their vision has progressively worsened year after year, then orthokeratology is an ideal option.

Ortho-K for Teens allows your child the ability to see perfectly in the day without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Not only will this prevent the risk of losing a contact lens or the risk of developing an eye infection from wearing an unclean contact lens, but orthokeratology also allows the child to experience perfect vision daily with a risk-free, safe environment.

Plus, any teenager with vision nearing -2 or worse would benefit from orthokeratology as research has shown that these lenses can slow or even stop the progression of nearsightedness.

If you’re interested in fitting your teen with the best visual pair of contacts, orthokeratology is a widely successful and enjoyable program.