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We’ll get your vision in great shape with Ortho-K, in Troy, Enterprise, Luverne, and Ozark!

What is orthokeratology?

Commonly known as ortho-k, this process is a revolutionary method for giving crisp and clear vision without wearing eyeglasses or contacts during the day. Even if you’ve worn prescription eyewear for years, ortho-k will allow you to leave your eyeglasses at home and still enjoy quality vision throughout the day.

No magic or surgical procedure is involved - just a gentle reshaping of your cornea that occurs while you’re deep in sleep. Upon awakening, you’ll see for yourself that ortho-k is really a dream come true!

Are you interested in learning more about vision shaping with ortho-k? Contact us at Family Eye Center, located in Luverne, Enterprise, Troy, and Ozark AL. Our professional eye doctors are skilled and experienced at fitting patients with these popular lenses, and we’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss whether vision shaping is a good option for you.

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How does orthokeratology work?

Specialized gas permeable contact lenses are inserted prior to bedtime and worn while you sleep. During your dozing hours, the lenses act to gently reshape your cornea and correct refractive error. This will temporarily resolve your myopia (nearsightedness) for approximately one to two days, which is why the lenses must be worn every night.

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Does ortho-k have any side effects?

In the beginning, you may be bothered by halos around lights or glare, yet these minor side effects usually disappear within a few weeks. As for discomfort, many people worry that ortho-k lenses will be uncomfortable, since they are hard, gas permeable contacts. Yet ortho-k lenses are worn while sleeping and most people don’t even sense that they’re there! Vision shaping is a painless process.

Who is a good candidate for ortho-k?

Our knowledgeable optometrists in Troy and Luverne will examine and evaluate your eyes to determine candidacy. If your vision condition is a good match for the benefits of ortho-k, then you’ll be fit with vision shaping lenses. As the effects of ortho-k are not permanent, people of any age are usually eligible for the procedure.

Vision shaping is typically effective for all people with healthy eyes who have mild to moderate nearsightedness. The milder your vision prescription, the better the results from ortho-k. Studies have shown that more than 65% of the individuals who tried orthokeratology reached 20/20 vision due to vision shaping.

An incredible 90% of people who wore ortho-k were able to see with 20/40 vision (the legal requirement for driving without vision correction in many states)!

Even if you’re not a good candidate for LASIK or other laser procedures, you will likely enjoy success with orthokeratology. In particular, sports enthusiasts are great fans of ortho-k, as well as people who live or work in dusty, dry environments that aren’t conducive to comfortable contact lens wearing. It’s the latest, most convenient way to see clearly.

What is the fitting process for ortho-k lenses?

Vision shaping necessitates a series of visits to our offices in Troy and Luverne, as the fitting is more complicated than normal contact lenses.

Our eye doctors may try out various trial lenses, which are more expensive than regular lenses, until the perfect fit is identified.

Yet patients claim that the longer process and higher cost is well worth the value for their enhanced quality of life! After only a few weeks wearing vision shaping lenses, the full effects are apparent.

Can you have LASIK after trying ortho-k?

Yes, as long as you wait long enough. You’ll need to give your eyes time to return and stabilize in their original, natural shape.

It’s critical to inform your LASIK eye surgeon if you’ve worn ortho-k lenses, so you can be instructed on the optimal time to wait before scheduling your laser surgery.

At present, there are two types of lenses that are FDA-approved and available in our Troy and Luverne offices: Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), by Paragon Vision Sciences, and Vision Shaping Treatment (VST), by Bausch & Lomb. We’ll fit you with the best ortho-k lenses for your personal vision condition.