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Special Contact Lenses To Improve your Game

We evaluate patients and provide special sports-enhancement lenses to improve your game and sports ability.

What Sports are improved with which WavelengthsWhat Sports are improved with which Wavelengths (colors)?

Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Football (daytime), Skiing, and Water Sports

Amber blocks blue light and it improves contrast sensitivity and visual acuity. It reduces glare without having to wear sunglasses.

Tennis, Football, and daytime Baseball

Bolle Blue “brightens” yellow light.


Gray Green offers sun protection and improved contrast sensitivity, making it ideal for golf. Players are better able to differentiate distance on a golf course and see the variations on the green.

Running and other Bright Outdoor Sunny Day Sports

Green heightens contrast while preserving color balance. This helps in bright outdoor light.

Sun Tac reduces overall brightness while preserving 100% normal color recognition. It is particularly effective for those who have sensitivity to light.

Night Driving, Hunting and Shooting, Sports Under Fluorescent Lights, Low Light Conditions, Night-time Sports,

Yellow filter blue light for sharper focus. It improves contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions for outdoors or indoor sports.


What is the best tint to use?

Each individual is different. In the evaluation, we will determine which filter will work best for you. Iris color may appear different when wearing these lenses, especially for individuals with lighter-colored irises. These lenses are customized and can be made to cover only the pupil (center).

How long do the lenses last and can I wear them every day?

These lenses are FDA-approved for a year, however, to ensure good eye health, and clear vision, it is best to replace lenses quarterly. These lenses are approved to be worn during the day and should not be worn while sleeping or on an extended wear basis.

What solutions are recommended for cleaning and storage?

BioTrue is the recommended multipurpose solution.

Lens Fresh or Miraflow are recommended for protein build-up removal.

Peroxide-based cleaning systems will fade lens color.