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Vision Therapy

Eyeglasses and contacts compensate for vision problems. Vision Therapy aims to “teach” the visual system to correct itself. Like physical therapy for the visual system – the eyes and brain, Vision Therapy is a program of customized activities that are doctor-supervised and are designed to correct certain vision problems.

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Dr. Moshe Roth and his team are experts in Orthokeratology (or OrthoK). OrthoK is a strategy used to prevent children from becoming more nearsighted or to help adults see better both at a distance and up close. OrthoK achieves improved vision without the need, or the risk associated with LASIK surgery.

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NeuroOptometric Rehab

Helping those who have suffered concussion and brain injury, or those with autism, is a unique specialty of our practice. Our specially trained Vision Therapy staff assists our patients in re-building the visual skills affected by brain injury or autism. Improving the vision of our patients, helps them to regain function and independence.

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