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    About Us

    Welcome to Family Eye Care in Old Bridge, NJ!

    Dr. Roth and his team of eye care professionals are here to care for all of your vision needs. We handle everything from adult and children's eye exams and hard-to-fit contact lenses, to eye emergencies, treatment of eye diseases and co-management of LASIK and other laser vision surgeries.

    Great Vision, Advice, Technology and Fit

    By staying current with the latest developments in eye care, prescription lenses and advances in contact lens technology our vision center can provide you with the best vision, advice and fit today—and in the years to come. Our optometrist and staff takes pride in building lasting relationships with our patients, which is why we take the time to get to know you, your vision requirements and your lifestyle needs.

    Family Eye Care is a unique practice. We specialize in medical eye care and specialty contact lenses, but we also practice general optometry. Read about our featured services below.

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    Appointment times may vary so call us for availability.

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    Our Eye Care Practice in Old Bridge

    optometrist, Eye Doctor Showing Eyeglasses in Old Bridge, NJ

    With an office in Old Bridge, eye doctors at Family Eye Care have been providing New Jersey with quality eye care for many years. Our practice specializes in the Treatment of School Learning Problems, Lazy Eye, Vision Therapy, Ortho-K: Non-Surgical Vision Correction, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Brain Injury, Concussions, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation, Specialty & Standard Contact Lenses, Keratoconus, Color Blindness

    Call us to make an appointment with our optometrist to talk about your eyeglasses, contact lenses or specialty lens needs. Drop in anytime to browse through our large selection of designer eyeglass frames and sunglasses!

    Our Family Eye Care Team Ready To Help You in Old Bridge

    optometrist, Eye Doctor Showing Eyeglasses in Old Bridge, NJ

    General Eye Care

    Our eye care center in Old Bridge offers a full range of eye health services to clients of all ages from children to older adults.

    optometrist, Eye Doctor Showing Eyeglasses in Old Bridge, NJ

    Pediatric Eye Exam

    We will check over your child's vision to see if they are in need of any vision therapy & a complete functional vision exam.

    optometrist, Eye Doctor Showing Eyeglasses in Old Bridge, NJ

    Eye Disease Management

    We treat many patients for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, conjunctivitis, dry eye, etc.

    Have An Eye Care Emergency?

    Please call our office at: 732-679-2020, if you experience loss of vision, double vision, swelling, infection or any eye emergency, contact us immediately for guidance. We’ll help you with the best treatment to prevent complications and promote long-lasting clear eyesight.

    Use your best judgment on urgency, if you feel you need to find the nearest emergency room or you would like to review our emergency page of tips, it’s up to you.

    Wondering about payment plans?
    Check Out Our Insurance Plans.

    eye doctor, Woman's eye, ad for Eye Care Emergencies in Old Bridge, NJ

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    Optometrist near East Brunswick NJ

    Office Hours


    • 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    • 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    • 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    • 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    • 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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    Appointment times may vary so call us for availability.

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    Our Eye Care Services

    contacts eye close up woman

    Specialty Contacts

    Visit our optometrist in East Brunswck for a Keratoconus or Ortho-K contact lenses fitting.

    Read about Ortho-K

    Blue Eyed Shy Girl 1280x480

    Pediatric Eye Care

    Dr. Roth offers eye exams for kids as early as 3 months old. Book a consultation today!

    Read about pediatric vision

    blue eyes

    Dry Eye Treatment

    Dry eye is an incurable eye condition but Dr. Roth can help you manage your symptoms.

    Read about dry eyes

    Our Eye Doctor is Proud to Serve East Brunswick

    The East Brunswick township has a lot to offer to it's residents and tourists, including:

    • Playhouse 22 - Community Theatre and Performing Arts Center where the residents of East Brunswick, enjoyed many hit musicals, dramas, comedies and original plays.
    • If you like canoeing or kayaking visit Farrington Lake and Westons Mill Pond located just a short drive from the city center.
    • Do you like golf? Take advantage of the town's public golf course (Tamarack).
    • If you happen to visit the township in August visit The Middlesex County Fair - seven days of family fun and great food.

    Read Our Reviews

    Our office offers eye care services in Old Bridge, NJ and it’s surrounding areas.

    Dr. Moshe Roth specializes in Vision Therapy and Orthokeratology, and with nearly 30 years experience as a board certified optometric physician, he treats patients of all ages of their vision related problems. A wide range of professionals refer their patients with visual processing problems or learning disabilities to Dr. Roth due to his expertise. Contact Us.

    They actually explained what was going on!

    Everything went great it was easy and fast they didn't sit here and confuse me like other places. They actually explained what was going on and what was going to happen!

    - Omar C.

    Friendly & Very Helpful

    The entire staff was friendly and very helpful

    - Harry R.

    The doctor was excellent.

    The intern that took care of me was very good. The doctor was excellent. Thank You.

    - Carlos C.

    I wish every day I had found Dr. Roth sooner.

    I started going to Dr. Roth a few years ago and I wish every day I had found Dr. Roth sooner. As a result of an eye procedure that I had prior to meeting Dr. Roth I now suffer from corneal erosions. I found Dr. Roth at a time of despair and Dr. Roth has been nothing but absolutely amazing.

    Whenever I have an emergency and I need to be seen immediately I am always accommodated by the staff and Dr. Roth himself. Dr. Roth is very detailed and explains all possible options so that I always have the opportunity to make the choice that best suits me. Dr. Roth has gone out of his way to make personal phone calls and emails to check on my condition and answer any questions I may have.

    I have referred various family members (my husband, my sister-in-law, and my mother) to Dr. Roth and would highly recommend Dr. Roth and his team to anyone that is in search of a high-quality optometrist.

    - Tiffany C.

    I was so impressed that once my daughter finished vision therapy I began seeing Dr. Roth for my own eye care.

    Great care. Dr. Roth is extremely knowledgeable and his staff is great.

    We were referred to him after a routine eye exam of my daughter, who was 7 at the time, pointed towards strabismus. Prior to the exam, we noticed she was having problems reading, staying on her grade level and she also complained of headaches. She also had difficulty with hand-eye coordination.

    Dr. Roth confirmed the diagnosis and recommended we start her on vision therapy. We went through the course of treatment and over time saw steady improvement in all areas as my daughter used the techniques she learned to control/focus her eyes. While it was a long course of treatment for her I can't argue with the results. After therapy removed the obstacle of her vision problem at age 10 she went on to do very well in school and actually exceeded the averages for 4th graders on her PARCC tests at the state and district level as well as in her school, which is in a very good school district.

    I was so impressed that once my daughter finished vision therapy I began seeing Dr. Roth for my own eye care. I had complications from a 2009 LASIK operation from a large heavily advertised facility. Dr. Roth assessed me and offered me a chance to try Orthokeratology to correct my vision problems. I wear my corrective lenses at night while I sleep and during the day I'm contact lens free. My results, greatly improved vision, the headaches are gone and I'm seeing 20/10 (as long as I follow my lens wearing schedule). He also caught the early stages of glaucoma in me and is effectively managing that.

    What I've observed is that Dr. Roth is very knowledgeable, he loves what he does and actually cares about his patients.

    - Milton L.

    I have always been given good advice about choice of frames.

    I have never met another optometric physician who is as thorough as Dr. Roth. That's why I travel from North Jersey to see him for my annual eye exam. His staff is very competent and friendly and I have always been given good advice about choice of frames. Those who I have recommended to him have also been very satisfied.

    - Howard D.

    The office staff is great as well. Highly recommend!

    As someone that has an extensive history of vision problems, I wanted to make sure I was seeing an excellent/ experienced optometrist. I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Roth after moving to the area. Dr. Roth is one of the best doctors I have ever gone to. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field and was able to determine the root of my eye pain after a thorough examination. I never once felt like I was rushed during my visit and Dr. Roth answered any questions I had. The office staff is great as well. Highly recommend!

    - Eliot T.

    I wouldn’t trust my kid’s eye health to anyone else.

    Dr. Roth takes care of my whole family. His is thorough and truly cares about his patients. I wouldn't trust my kid's eye health to anyone else.

    - Christine D. Z.

    Review from Healthgrades – Children’s Vision Therapy

    We had a wonderful visit. The doctor found my son's problem and explained it in a way that was easy to understand. It just made a lot of sense and it explained why he had the school problems with reading and the frustration doing homework. He really doesn't have ADD. We are already seeing the benefits from vision therapy. The staff was also great, explaining everything along the way, the tests, the costs, Overall a very positive experience.

    Review from HealthGrades – Children’s Vision Therapy

    We visited more than a dozen of different eye doctors in NJ/NY/MD/PA area to treat my daughter's cross eyes since she was born. She had surgeries twice and patches for 4 years. Most doctors do not have clues on how to treat her eyes. When she was seven, we found Dr. Roth through another doctor's referral. Dr. Roth spent a significant amount of time to understand all details of my daughter's histories and symptoms of her complicated case. He trained my daughter how to use her eyes together with vision therapy. After 18 months of vision therapy, her eyes are straight. I am grateful that Dr. Roth not only saves her eyes but gives her a happy life.

    His life will be happier because of what you and your staff did!

    My son had double amblyopia, all discovered at the age of 7. That is late in the game for glasses and treatment. He got glasses and had vision therapy there for 14 months. The first 3 months we were uncertain whether the glasses or therapy were the cause of all the changes we saw. After that we had to attribute the continuing changes to the therapy. Our son is a great kid. The quiet, funny type who is great one on one but lies low in the crowd. Prior to vision therapy we knew one kid and school and sports teams saw another. The kid we knew was bright and funny. In school he was literally trying to be invisible. He had no confidence.

    We have seen academic improvement (he went from a 19 on the NJ ASK math portion to an 83), social improvement (he is the same kid everywhere now) to sports improvement. Prior to vision therapy he could not find a ball in a room if it were the only one. Now he is the one finding things we can't. He is now so outgoing. I used to speak for him and now he speaks for himself. I used to put him in situations to talk to others "Go ask that lady what time it is, etc." and he always balked. On vacation this year I legitimately asked him to ask someone something, pay the lady, etc. for my convenience without giving it a thought and he just did it. I think this is important because vision therapy changed not only him but us and the way we treat him. Think about what that means. We, who love and respect him, accommodate him less because he can handle things he could not before. It could have been uglier for him in the years to come when he was not as much of a player in life and he encountered those who did not love and respect him.

    They would not have had patience, he would have felt helpless... As I wrote to Dr. Moshe: "I can't express enough how I had decided that some things were permanent and had accepted that only to discover that vision therapy made those things temporary. I am convinced his life will be happier because of what you and your staff did. Of all the things I want for him as his mom, happiness and confidence, the two most important things he got from you, I value the most."

    Things you will not like but will accept, as I did, because of what they do to change your child's life. 1) It's expensive. There, I said it. But worth it (see above). 2) Little office annoyances: They never seem to know what insurance paid for and they get upset if you get the prescription filled elsewhere.

    - Elizabeth P.

    He is outstanding at what he does.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Roth's for many years. He is outstanding at what he does. He puts more care and effort into his examinations than many ophthalmologists. Based on your needs he then creates a prescription and lens selection to match. I tell technical people, "He puts the metry into optometry." I travel 40 miles each way to his office, and it is definitely worth the trip.

    - David K.

    Review from HealthGrades – Vision Therapy

    I have been a patient of Dr. Roth's for 25 years. My family of 5 are also his patients. Dr. Roth and his staff are very attentive and helpful. He has been able to diagnose problems with two of my children. They attend Vision Therapy in his practice twice a week. The Therapists are wonderful and very patient with the children. I highly recommend Dr. Roth and his staff.

    Review from HealthGrades – Vision Therapy

    I have been in Dr. Roth's care for about the last 5 years regarding my “eye health” and need of vision correction. I can say that I am quite a difficult patient (to say the least) regarding my health, my body and the care I choose to accept or reject from doctors. Of all the physicians I have encountered in my 47 years, he is absolutely "Top Shelf." Dr. Roth's patience is profound in dealing with not only his patients and the vexation they bring as they struggle to make sense of their issues, but also in educating them along the way as well as whittling down the hurtles concerning their care in an assiduous pursuit of that which will be most beneficial for them in the long term. Moreover, his staff is very much “in tune” with the attitude/mindset/deportment demonstrated by Dr. Roth, which are the hallmarks of his professionalism and resolute leadership. He is in receipt of my highest recommendation. A+++

    He always spends the time necessary to explain

    Dr. Roth is amazing. I have been a patient of his for a number of years and he always spends the time necessary to explain exactly what he is doing and what he has learned from all the tests. It's a long drive for me to see him but definite worth it.

    - Bruce B.

    They were able to fit me in ASAP!

    Can't say enough about how happy I have been with the services I have received at Dr. Roth's office. Not only are the staff members extremely friendly, they are very accommodating. There have been numerous times where I had called the office with an emergency and they were able to fit me in ASAP. Dr. Roth is wonderful. He has helped me tremendously. Dr. Roth is very thorough explaining what is going on and gives me a variety of options with clear explanations. The only thing I regret is the fact that I did not know about his practice earlier. Additionally, he was very conscience and aware of any medications he was prescribing me making sure it would not inter fear with any medication I was currently on. Without a doubt a great doctor!

    - Tiffany C.

    Review from HealthGrades – Vision Therapy

    I have been to countless eye doctors over the years and I can say with complete confidence that Dr. Roth has been the most knowledgeable, patient eye doctor I have ever been to! He spent over an hour with me discussing my particular vision problems and offered a number of viable solutions. I found him to be extremely caring and affordable, and would highly recommend him!

    Review from HealthGrades – General Services

    Dr Roth always explains things clearly and thoroughly. He is not only a great eye doctor but also a born teacher. He explains what all the tests mean and options the patient has for treatment. He is also extremely patient.

    Always willing to answer the myriad of questions I have

    It's always a pleasure visiting the Doc. The staff is great and really helpful. Dr. Roth is very engaging and is always willing to answer the myriad of questions I have about my eye condition and treatments available.

    - Alex K.

    What a wonderful eye doctor!

    What a wonderful eye doctor! One of the best in New Jersey and New York. He saw me during an emergency and was amazing. He was kind, attentive, intelligent, and patient. He was able to determine why i was experiencing eye pain and helped me immediately. Staff is excellent as well. I highly recommend going to him.

    - Eliot T.

    Review from HealthGrades – General Services

    Dr. S Moshe Roth is an excellent optometrist. He explains in detail exactly what is going on and what needs to be done to keep your eyes in good health. He makes you feel very comfortable and allows you to ask whatever questions you have. The staff is very friendly and they make sure that the procedures are done in a timely fashion. I would recommend anyone who wants a through examination and care to see Dr. Roth.

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    What is Astigmatism?

    Astigmatism can be confusing.  It is mistakenly called “stigmatism,” or "stigma".  This common vision problem can be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or Ortho-K.  Like nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism is a type of refractive condition related to the shape and size of the eye that causes blurred vision.  Astigmatism is a relatively common vision problem, but not too difficult to address.  Many people are relieved to learn that astigmatism is not an eye disease.

    Uncorrected astigmatism can cause blurred vision, headaches, eyestrain and make objects at all distances appear distorted.  Lenses for astigmatism can be made in several different ways:

    • Soft Toric - these have the advantage of comfort but may not be as sharp as Gas Permeable lenses
    • Oxygen Breathing / Gas Permeable - these often provide the best correction and more clear vision for astigmatism
    • Synergeyes Hybrid contact lenses have a GP center and a soft periphery (outside part) to provide the clarity of gas permeable lenses and wearing comfort that is comparable to soft lenses.
    • Orthokeratology