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Myopia Management Testimonials

Our patients talk about their experiences.

Watch Our Playlist of Myopia Management for Children – Ortho-K Success Stories videos. Click on the image to watch the video.

KY can see better after wearing Ortho-K lenses for only 6 days!

AK, 16, is highly myopic yet attains 20 20 acuity with her Ortho k lenses OFF!

Orthokeratology Testimonial from 14 Year Old | Family Eye Care in New Jersey

Family Eye Care of Old Bridge | Myopia Control & Orthokeratology Testimonial started at age 12

AB – Orthokeratology now 17, began at 10 years old

AD – Orthokeratology – 19 now – Began at age 14

LR has been wearing Ortho-K lenses for 22 years

6 Year old KK is happy with his Ortho-K lenses

JH, 15, started Orthok at 10 & has seen clearly every day since!

JD, all-star cheerleader, can cheer without glasses and see clearly after Ortho-K

After one week of Ortho-K, EC can see clearly

CB has been wearing Ortho-K for 15 years and is thrilled with the results

BB has been wearing Ortho-K for a few weeks and can see much better

Ortho K testimonial from a 21 year old patient who has been wearing them for 9 years

Mother and Son Ortho-k started 2 weeks ago | Mother had LASIK previously

Orthokeratology for Teens | Old Bridge, NJ

happy teens laughingTeenagers have a lot of work ahead of them when entering high school all the way until planning for college, and many parents want their son or daughter to do well with complete confidence.

Aside from adjusting to a new social environment, higher expectations in the school curriculum, and after-school activities like sports, gymnastics, music, or theater, many teenagers struggle with their poor vision. Even young teens before entering high school have expressed how thick glasses with a strong prescription negatively affect their lives. Whether they stick out from wearing large glasses or they avoid participating in sports that they love due to wearing eyewear, eyeglasses can cause a teenager lots of anguish — even when they don’t speak up about it.

Vision Alternatives for your Teenager

Although contact lenses are often a nice change for teenagers, this may not solve your child’s challenges. For example, if a teenager finds that contact lenses are uncomfortable, especially if they like swimming, or their vision has progressively worsened year after year, then orthokeratology is an ideal option.

Ortho-K for Teens allows your child the ability to see perfectly in the day without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Not only will this prevent the risk of losing a contact lens or the risk of developing an eye infection from wearing an unclean contact lens, but orthokeratology also allows the child to experience perfect vision daily with a risk-free, safe environment.

Plus, any teenager with vision nearing -2 or worse would benefit from orthokeratology as research has shown that these lenses can slow or even stop the progression of nearsightedness.

If you’re interested in fitting your teen with the best visual pair of contacts, orthokeratology is a widely successful and enjoyable program.

How Can Orthokeratology Help

How Can Orthokeratology Help With Myopia Management?

Is your child wearing glasses or contact lenses for myopia? Is their optical prescription continually worsening every 12 to 18 months? If so, it may be time for a myopia management program featuring ortho-k contact lenses.

Orthokeratology, or “ortho-k,” is an overnight process of vision correction that leaves your child free of daytime eyewear. Along with the convenience of not having to wear glasses or contacts during the day, ortho-k has been shown to slow down or even stop the progression of a child’s myopia. An additional — yet compelling — benefit is the reduced risk of developing serious ocular conditions and diseases later in life, such as macular degeneration and retinal detachment.

If your child has myopia, speak with Dr. Moshe Roth and Dr. Steffani Tiomno regarding the benefits of wearing ortho-k lenses for myopia management.

What Is Myopia?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is an extremely prevalent eye condition that begins in childhood and usually continues to worsen during the teenage years. Myopia results when the eye shape becomes more elongated as a child grows. This causes light from distant objects to focus in front of, rather than precisely on the retina, causing blurred and distorted vision.

The continual eyeball elongation causes the optical prescription to worsen over the years, generally into the mid-to-late teens.

While glasses or regular contact lenses correct distorted vision, they don’t address the underlying problem, and thus are unable to prevent your child’s prescription from increasing into young-adulthood. Orthokeratology, on the other hand, addresses the root cause of myopia and can halt its progression.

Understanding Orthokeratology

teen smiling 6 640Orthokeratology goes by a few names:

  • Ortho-k
  • CRT (Corneal Reshaping Therapy)
  • Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVT or GVST)
  • Vision Shaping Treatment (VST)
  • Corneal Molding

Regardless of the name used, ortho-k is an established non-surgical method of vision correction that has been safely used for over 20 years. We will carefully measure the child’s eye and order custom-fitted and specially-designed rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses.

The ortho-k lenses are to be worn overnight, during which time they gently correct the shape of the cornea. The lenses are then removed in the morning, leaving your child with crisp and clear vision all day long. As mentioned above, ortho-k not only corrects vision but can also slow —or even halt — the progression of myopia in children.

Who Can Benefit From Orthokeratology?

Both children and adults can benefit from the vision correction provided by ortho-k, though ortho-k may be the ideal solution for myopia management in children. While it is too late to slow the progression of myopia in adulthood, myopic children who wear ortho-k lenses can further benefit by lowering any risks associated with ocular diseases later in life.

What Is The Fitting Process For Ortho-k Lenses?

At Family Eye Care, our patients undergo a full ortho-k assessment before being fitted for these lenses. We will evaluate the health of your child’s eye and determine the exact corrective prescription. To measure the precise curvature of the child’s cornea, Dr. Moshe Roth and Dr. Steffani Tiomno will use a topographer, ensuring these customized lenses are a perfect fit.

After the initial fitting, patients will be provided with detailed instructions and in-clinic training on how to insert, remove, and care for their ortho-k contact lenses. A few periodic check-ups will help ascertain any changes in refraction and corneal topography, and adjustments to the lenses will be made accordingly.

Ortho-K Is An Investment For Lifelong Healthy Vision

By giving your child the gift of ortho-k lenses, you will improve your child’s daytime vision while also significantly reducing their risk of developing serious eye diseases later in life. The myopia management program at Family Eye Care offers the best chance of controlling myopia and preserving your child’s eyes for a lifetime of clear, comfortable, and healthy vision.

Family Eye Care serves patients from Old Bridge, East Brunswick, Woodbridge, Edison, and throughout New Jersey.

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