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elissa GSP UID 94e43810 bdb8 42d2 a447 06eabd5ba121
Vision Therapist

I am a full-time Vision Therapist. I work with patients in a one-on-one setting to assist them in gaining necessary visual skills to best use their two eyes together. I help individuals of all ages with a variety of problems to develop and improve visual abilities that were once unattainable. Through various activities and procedures, I work with patients to achieve their goals, whether that be gaining new skills they never had or regaining old skills that were diminished as a result of a brain injury. Once they have full control over their visual system, patients generally see improvement in all aspects of their lives, which is inspiring to watch and be a part of. I strive to support patients in their therapy and love seeing patients’ progress and gain control of new abilities. My goal is to help patients that are struggling visually, in all areas of life, reach their full potential.