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Miranta – Senior Vision Therapist


I am a Senior Vision Therapist and I find it fulfilling and gratifying to help children and adults to improve their lives whether with reading, homework, sports, or being better coordinated. I help people who have had strokes, brain injuries or concussions, in regaining their visual skills.  I love seeing the successes that individuals achieve through Vision Therapy, as they gain new abilities, accelerate learning and enhance the full expression of their potential.

It is inspiring to see the changes in our patients that have struggled throughout their lives or as a result of a stroke or motor vehicle accident. I love seeing the improvements people make as they gain or regain abilities.  Seeing your success and being a part of helping you make those changes motivates me further in encouraging patients to reach even greater heights.

I have a background in neuroscience which makes seeing independent variations within similar conditions very interesting. It is fascinating to pinpoint areas of difficulty and work with patients in challenging and engaging activities to help resolve their visual dysfunction. I have a passion and drive for helping others and working with people from all walks of life, pushing them to achieve their fullest potential. Chances are, if you come to us for Vision Therapy, you’ll get to work with me — first hand!