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Read About Specialty Contact Lenses

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) improves vision for children and adults, without the need or the risks associated with LASIK surgery. Ortho-K helps children who are becoming more nearsighted, and helps adults see better both at a distance and up close. Ortho-K is FDA approved. Dr. Roth and his team are experts in helping people improve vision without surgery through Ortho-K.

Prosthetic contact lenses are special lenses that cover the cornea if the cornea has become cloudy or opaque.  The special lens is made to match the other eye and therefore improves the appearance of a disfigured eye. Special lenses can be made to reduce or eliminate double vision.  Different lenses can be made to improve vision and to treat amblyopia (lazy eye).

Scleral lenses were traditionally used to correct vision after eye surgery, but today, eye doctors utilize modern scleral lenses to treat many other eye conditions. Patients who previously could not wear contact lenses or struggle with wearing basic prescription eyeglasses can now experience comfortable, amazing vision through scleral lenses.